Third Eye TV Guide: Y THE LAST MAN

Published August 19th, 2021

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Get ready to the the world in a whole new light when Y THE LAST MAN comes to TV screens this September!

Third Eye Faithful we have been singing the praises of Y THE LAST MAN for ages now! This series kicked off back in 2002 and finished it’s run in 2007 and we are so stoked that it’s getting adapted for the small screen! Writer Brian K. Vaughan weaves world that leaves the reader questioning – what would happen to the world if there were no more men?

Yorick is just an average guy. He loves his girlfriend, Beth, and his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand. He’s figuring out his life, just like everyone else…until every living being with a Y chromosome suddenly dies in a mysterious pandemic. Everyone except Yorick. Now Yorick and Ampersand must navigate the postapocalyptic world they’ve been left…a world where men are rare…maybe even rare enough to make Yorick a trophy to be hunted. Yorick will travel the world in search of his lost love and the answer to why he’s the last man on Earth.

Filled with engaging, strong characters, Y THE LAST MAN is an incredible dive into a world where absolutely everything as we know it has changed. Brian K. Vaughan does an excellent job exploring the nuances of a world that no longer exists as a patriarchal majority and what that means for the people that live in it. As the world has changed since the end of Y THE LAST MAN’s print run, we are so excited to see that adaptations made for a world over a decade later.

Exploring society that has had its foundation irrevocably changed is a difficult line to tread, but Brian K. Vaughan does it in such a way that it makes readers want to keep turning the page. Now that it’s becoming a television show (premiering this September on Hulu!) we can’t wait to see this incredibly different world played out on screen!

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