Third Eye Spotlight: EVIL ERNIE!

Published November 18th, 2021

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Chaos rocks this December in EVIL ERNIE!

Third Eye Faithful, this one ROCKS. Seriously, if you’ve ever had the inclination of being a rockstar, EVIL ERNIE is the book for you. Trying to find a way as a mild-mannered college student to navigate your desperately evil other half isn’t something we all have to contend with, but as we flip the pages of EVIL ERNIE we’ll get to witness firsthand exactly what a challenge that is.

We’re stoked about this one, because who doesn’t like a good story about two very different personalities inhabiting the same body while working for a death cult and trying to preserve your own sanity?

It seems like a lot to handle, and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

What’s the scoop on EVIL ERNIE?

After ERNEST GLECKMAN is mortally wounded, he discovers he must “pay down his new lease on life” by serving as a part time fixer for a death cult. Each time he manifests his dark side as EVIL ERNIE it becomes harder to maintain his tenuous grip on his inherently good humanity.

ERNEST GLECKMAN is a good kid with exceptional grades in his senior year at college…his only quirk is the rock band he sings in every Saturday night. He enjoys the rock esthetic and “dressing the role” if not acting like a nihilistic punk.

All that is changed when he assumes the role of… EVIL ERNIE who is the polar opposite of ERNEST. ERNIE is vicious and cruel and sadistic as he employs all manner of torture or murder (or oft-times both!) against his targets.

ERNEST is stable, good, focused. ERNIE is a chaotic, evil, anarchist.

Evil Ernie first appeared in December 1991! Celebrate 30 years of CHAOS!

Ready to join in on the chaos?

EVIL ERNIE hits stands this December and it’s gonna be a fun one, Third Eye Faithful. If you want to make sure you get each issue, click here to add EVIL ERNIE to your pull list!

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