Third Eye Manga Spotlight: I Am A Cat Barista

Published September 2nd, 2021

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I AM A CAT BARISTA brings a whole new meaning to cat cafe!

If you know us, Third Eye Faithful, you know that we love manga and all of the many forms it takes and subjects it broaches. Sometimes though, you just wanna have a little fun with manga, and that’s where this one comes in! I AM A CAT BARISTA is exactly what it says on the tin, a cat, who is also a barista (not quite a barista for cats, like we first thought.)

We’ve all heard of cat cafes and love how adorable they can be, but this manga takes that idea, and turns it on it’s supernatural head. Sometimes you just need a good cup of coffee to get through your day, and why not have it served to you by a cat-person?

What’s the scoop on I AM A CAT BARISTA?

Take a coffee break in this supernatural spin on a cat cafe! For some people, the daily grind of city life is exhausting. Yet somewhere between busy streets there’s a mysterious cat cafe that can only be found by weary souls.

What’s on the menu? A delicious cup of coffee, specially brewed for each customer… by a cat barista!

Interested to see how a cat runs a coffee shop? Click here to preorder the first volume of I AM A CAT BARISTA!

Already hooked and want to get the upcoming second volume? That one drops in early February 2022! Click here to preorder volume 2 of I AM A CAT BARISTA!