Third Eye Manga Spotlight: BURN THE WITCH!

Published August 18th, 2021

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The newest project from BLEACH creator Tite Kubo drops this October!

Third Eye Faithful you know that we’re huge anime and manga fans, and we were just as stoked to hear that the creator of one of the most popular, long-running series, Tite Kubo was returning to the weekly Shonen Jump magazine! Some of our favorite titles got their start inside the pages of Shonen Jump and we are so excited to dive into this one!

Finally coming to the US with an English translation, Tite Kubo’s BURN THE WITCH drops this October! As an expansion on the truly legendary story of BLEACH, the original one-shot of BURN THE WITCH resonated so well with fans and editors alike, even more of the story was requested of the creator, which expanded into more chapters and a wider story.

What’s the scoop on BURN THE WITCH Vol. 1?

Behind the world you think you know lies a land of magic and fairy tales-but Reverse London isn’t the pretty picture that’s painted in children’s books.

Fairy tales have teeth, and the dedicated agents of Wing Bind are the only thing standing between you and the real story.

Want to jump on board? Click here to preorder your copy of BURN THE WITCH VOL 1 for mail order, or in-store pickup!