Third Eye Guide to DC LEGO Variants

Hey Third Eye faithful!

This November your favorite DC Comics characters will get the LEGO treatment with DC’s latest variant theme! Just like the previous months, all of these brick-tastic covers will be offered at regular cover price!

We’ll be offering you the chance to snap these guys up. However, we know that a good deal of you guys and gals will want to assemble a complete set of the DC LEGO covers, and while we plan on getting plenty of each at Third Eye, we do know that these are going to be extremely popular, so we want to make sure you have yourself a set on lock!

Want to reserve a complete set of the DC LEGO Variants?

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So, you wanna see what these awesome covers look like?

Below is a list of all of the covers that have been announced so far!

Make sure you check back with us soon for a full guide to the amazing Darwyn Cooke covers coming in December!