The Third Eye Guide to X-Men: APOCALYPSE WARS

The Third Eye Guide to THE APOCALYPSE WARS

The biggest event to hit the X-MEN books since the MESSIAH COMPLEX trilogy — do not miss this!

We’ve been LOVING what writer JEFF LEMIRE has been building in his flagship X-Title, EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN, and we saw that it would serve as the springboard for the highly anticipated APOCALYPSE WARS event, we couldn’t be more stoked about it!

As part of Marvel’s 2016 initiative to tell more tight-knit mini-event stories rather than the larger, over-arching type (as seen in last year’s SECRET WARS), APOCALYPSE WARS takes us back to the glory days of great X-MEN crossovers like FALL OF THE MUTANTS, X-TINCTION AGENDA, MUTANT MASSACRE, and more recently, MESSIAH COMPLEX and BATTLE FOR THE ATOM!

Plus: it’s about time we got a really killer APOCALYPSE storyline, and we think that Lemire is just the guy to bring En Sabah Nur back into the spotlight!

What’re the APOCALYPSE WARS about?

In the same vein as the classic “FALL OF THE MUTANTS” storyline, APOCALYPSE WARS is a thematic crossover that sees each of the three X-Titles (EXTRAORDINARY, UNCANNY and ALL NEW) telling an APOCALYPSE-centric story that leaves a lasting impact on all of our favorite merry mutants!

It all kicks off in EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #8, where we’ve been pretty clearly reminded that Mutantkind is an endangered species once more.

What better way to ensure your people make it to tomorrow — than to skip right to it?

As the mutant race’s last hope is jettisoned into the time stream, it’s intercepted by one of their most formidable adversaries: APOCALYPSE!

Now, STORM and the EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN must race into a perilous and deadly future if they are to have any hope of reclaiming the present!

Continuing throughout the spring into UNCANNY X-MEN, Magneto and his team sense something is wrong with ARCHANGEL. He’s literally a lifeless drone. And, Psylocke is determined to get to the bottom of why.

What really happened to put him in this state? Her quest to uncover the truth will lead to a lot more than she bargained or.. and we’re guessing it’s a certain immortal mutant whose name starts with an A.

And, then the kids in ALL NEW X-MEN find that their (and Mutantkind’s) uncertain future hangs heaviest on young Evan..aka KID APOCALYPSE.

Is he destined to become a genocidal madman like his namesake? Or will he rise above?

Where does APOCALYPSE WARS Begin?

The very first chapter of APOCALYPSE WARS kicks off in the pages of March’s EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #8, as the Extraordinary X-Men learn quite fast that the fate of their entire race falls into the hands of APOCALYPSE himself.

Now, the X-Men are racing into a perilous future, desperate to reclaim what was taken from them.. and completely unaware of the horrors that await them!

Get it on 3/16/16, and jump on what looks to be one of the best X-Men storylines we’ve seen in ages!

1smalluncxmenapocCan I start reading APOCALYPSE WARS without having read earlier issues of these series?

If you’ve been waiting for a good spot to jump on board the X-Titles, then APOCALYPSE WAR is a perfect starting point.

You can hop on board with the very first chapter in EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #8, and begin following from there without having to do much catching up on the earlier issues.

Of course, if you get hooked, and want to get caught up on the back issues, we do have all the previous issues of these series in stock and available to catch you up!



Our Checklist to APOCALYPSE WARS

Wanna stay up to date with AVENGERS: STAND OFF – here’s our checklist for you to keep yourself current!


  • EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #8 *CHAPTER 1* – 3/16/16


  • UNCANNY X-MEN #6 *CHAPTER 2* – 4/6/16
  • EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #9 *CHAPTER 3* – 4/20/16


  • UNCANNY X-MEN #7 – *CHAPTER 4* – 5/4/16
  • ALL NEW X-MEN #9 – *CHAPTER 5* – 5/11/16
  • EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #10 – *CHAPTER 6* – 5/25/16

We will continue to update this checklist as more chapters are added!

1smallfallWant to read up on APOCALYPSE? Try these classic graphic novels!


Folks, you know you wanna get caught up on your APOCALYPSE stuff, because let’s face it: not only does APOCALYPSE WARS look rad, but the upcoming X-MEN: APOCALYPSE movie is going to be so so so good!

So, here’s a few that we recommend you start with!

First off, FALL OF THE MUTANTS, is a must-read as the X-FACTOR parts serve as the general basis for the upcoming X-MEN: APOCALYPSE movie!

This killer crossover showcases the debut of ARCHANGEL, who formerly known as Angel, was thought dead, and is now working as the Horseman DEATH for Apocalypse.

In this incredible read, you get it all: tons of cool STORM stuff, tons of cool stuff with iconic X-Men, ranging from Kitty Pryde to Cyclops to the New Mutants, and much more.

If we had to recommend one DEFINITIVE Apocalypse graphic novel, FALL OF THE MUTANTS is definitely it!

We have both volumes 1 & 2 of this epic in stock and available now to get you on board!

1smallxmenaoa1Next up is the totally iconic AGE OF APOCALYPSE series, which had a great deal to do with what got many of us here at Third Eye INTO comics in the first place!

We have all three volumes of this stellar crossover in stock to get you on board what was one of the most exciting times in Marvel Comics history.

Charles Xavier is dead – killed twenty years in the past during a time-travel accident – and the world created by his absence is a nightmare! Apocalypse rules with an iron fist, ruthlessly enforcing his dictum that only the strong shall survive.

But hidden in Apocalypse’s long shadow are a group of ragtag freedom fighters led by Xavier’s oldest friend, Magneto: the X-Men! When Bishop, last survivor of the true Marvel Universe, explains how the world went wrong, these embittered mutants and their tenuous allies must risk everything to put things right!

1smalluncaxWhile there’s a ton more we’d love to talk about, we’re going to keep this narrowed down to our Top 3 (don’t worry, a much longer list is on the way for when we get closer to the X-MEN: APOCALYPSE release!), and we had to end off with UNCANNY-XFORCE by RICK REMENDER Volumes 1 & 2 which pretty much reintroduced and redefined En Sabah Nur for the 21st century.

What happens when the most evil being of all-time is reborn in the body of a child? Well, Archangel, who knows that evil oh too well decides that kid’s gotta die.

Of course, the X-Men are not too cool with this course of action, so ol’ Warren has to go behind their backs to do it.

And, he brings a group of friends, consisting of DEADPOOL, FANTOMEX, WOLVERINE and PSYLOCKE to do it.

This is a rad read that introduces the concept of the FINAL HORSEMEN, ultra-deadly Horsemen plucked from time to protect Apocalypse during his rebirth. It also introduces a TON of cool concepts, including the origins of KID APOCALYPSE!

We’ve got plenty of volumes 1 & 2 in stock to get you up to speed.

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