The Third Eye Guide to FEAR STATE

Published August 5th, 2021

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Fear State grips the DC Universe this Fall!

Third Eye Faithful, we hope you’re ready, because DC is falling into a whole new world of darkness with FEAR STATE. If you’re a fan of DCEASED, you know that DC does horror incredibly well, and now we’re diving into a whole new horror-themed series in Gotham City.

If you kept up with Future State and Infinite Frontier, FEAR STATE is the thread that ties it all together. A continuation of Scarecrow’s vision of a fear-controlled Gotham, but also Mayor Christopher Nakano’s mission to protect the city with his ground-breaking deal with the Magistrate.

With a crossover that spans almost every corner of the DC Universe, FEAR STATE gets it’s claws into nearly everything, and every one in Gotham City.

Where does FEAR STATE begin?

With a story crossing over such a large swath of comics, the question is always – where do I get started? With preludes and tie-ins, and the main story running through several BATMAN issues, we have a ton of ground to cover, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on where to jump in!

Truly taking the first step into FEAR STATE begins with BATMAN FEAR STATE ALPHA #1; with superstar Batman writer James Tynion IV at the helm, we know that we’re in for an incredible ride. So what’s the scoop on Fear State Alpha?

The event over a year in the making begins Fear State settles upon Gotham City, and no one is safe! Overwhelmed by the dual threat of the Scarecrow and Peacekeeper-01, Batman and his allies have been one step behind since the events of Infinite Frontier #0 and with the arrival of a mysterious anti-Oracle and the return of Poison Ivy, Batman might have more than he can handle!

FEAR STATE grows throughout the ongoing BATMAN run!

Taking place largely through James Tynion IV’s killer run on BATMAN, FEAR STATE spans 6 Batman issues (beginning with BATMAN #112) and a whole bunch of our favorite ongoing characters, and a few newcomers as well.

A story over a year in the making and set into motion with Infinite Frontier #0, Fear State begins! Batman played into the hands of the Scarecrow, who has unleashed a coordinated attack on Gotham City through his manipulation of Simon Saint and Peacekeeper-01! But there are other forces at work with the emergence of an Anti-Oracle spreading fake news across all channels and inciting terror and violence on the streets of Gotham! Backup: Clownhunter has turned down help from Batman, Leslie Thompkins, the Red Hood, and everyone else who has offered it to him, thinking that he can handle being a vigilante on the streets of Gotham City by himself. But when he takes a shot at fighting the Scarecrow one-on-one, he’ll learn very quickly how much in this city he’s not ready for yet. NEW HERO – PEACEKEEPER X!

Gotta know where everything goes? We’ve got you covered!

Fear State is huge! It stretches across several different books, and involves so many of our favorite DC characters and we know that you wouldn’t want to miss a single second! So, let us break it down so that you know every issue hitting shelves late this summer, into fall!


  • I AM BATMAN #0
  • CATWOMAN #34


  • BATMAN #112
  • I AM BATMAN #1
  • CATWOMAN #35
  • BATMAN #113


  • BATMAN #114
  • BATMAN #115

Want to make sure you keep up with FEAR STATE?

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