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Dragonball Super – Universal Onslaught Prerelease

What’s up Dragon Ballers! We are STOKED to announce that series 9, Universal Onslaught, releases Friday February 14th! To get everyone as amped as we are, we are doing TWO prerelease events on Saturday February 8th, one from 12 noon – 3pm and the second one in the evening from 5pm-8pm!

Players will receive a sealed pre-release kit which contains 2 dated foil promo cards & 6 booster packs of Universal Onslaught to make the best 40 card decks they can! Once construction is complete, players will then participate in 3- best of three rounds and compete for additional prize packs of Universal Onslaught! Players will receive 2 prize packs for each round they win!

**Reserve your spot today! Sign up for our HEIGHT OF MASTER BUNDLE for both events and save $5 off each event!**

Time: Saturday February 8th; 12-3pm -and- 5pm-8pm

The DEETS: Dragonball Super Prerelease Sealed Tournament, Series 9, Universal Onslaught

(6packs of Universal Onslaught + 2 promo foil, stamped cards)

3 rounds, Best of Three, 40 card decks


Participation: 1 pack of Universal Onslaught

2 packs of Universal Onslaught per win!

Preregister for the event here: https://thirdeye-dragonball-prerelease.eventbrite.com