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A December to Dismember

Hey there Third Eye Faithful, it’s time for some Pioneer! Join us on December 14th at 11am for an exciting case tournament! We want to give away a case of Throne of Eldraine, split among top 8! To celebrate seasons beatings, Top 8 also gets 8 PREMIUM Throne of Eldraine Promo Packs and all participants will get a regular promo pack!

In honor of this being the FIRST of our BI-MONTHLY Magic: The Gathering tournaments, we will be doing an AWESOME raffle! At $5 a ticket, we are gonna have some big money prizes! 200 tickets will add a Tundra to the lot! Let your friends know and let’s make this a DECEMBER TO DISMEMBER!

December to Dismember
When: Saturday Dec 14th
Entry: $30
Format: Pioneer, Competitive REL, Decklists required
Time: Registration starts at 10am. Players Meeting at 11am. Rounds based on Attendance. Cut to Top 8.

Prize Structure: *Prizes will be given in Packs or Store Credit equivalent
1st: place: 2 boxes of Throne of Eldraine and a Premium Pack
2nd place: 1 box of Throne of Eldraine and a Premium Pack
3rd-4th place: 24 Packs and a Premium Pack
5th-8th place: 15 packs and a Premium Pack
At 48 players, we will pay out to top 16!
9th-16th place: 8 packs

Participation: 1 Throne of Eldraine Promo Pack

$5 per ticket, $20 for 5 tickets
To kick things off, we are going to raffle off some sweet modern staples: Force of Negation, Invocation Maelstorm Pulse, Karn Liberated, and Ugin the Spirit Dragon!!!
What’s more, if we sell additional tickets we will sweeten the pot!
+100 Tickets: Ultimate Masters Box Topper Tarmogoyf
+200 Tickets: Tundra