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Theros Beyond Death Turbo Draft

Hey Third Eye Faithful,

DO YOU LOVE TO DRAFT!?!?! We do too, and so we have TURBO drafts to celebrate the release weekend for each new set of Magic that comes out! Join us on Saturday January 25th from 12pm-8pm for this fun, fast-paced draft format, geared towards opening as much of the new set as possible. Each time we have 8 players sign up we will fire another draft! Turbo drafts are a SINGLE round, that’s right just one. If you win, you get 3 packs of Theros Beyond Death, if not get ready for the next one! Each sign-up gets you the draft weekend promo (while supplies last). All this and we have them at a reduced price of $12 too!?!?! Draft ’til you drop, or the store closes 🙂 !!

Turbo Draft Throne of Eldraine:

  • When: Saturday January 25th, 12:00 – 8:00 pm

  • Format: Turbo Draft, Single Round

  • Entry: $12 -or- 3 packs + $5

  • Prize: Winner of the one round receives 3 packs of Throne of Eldraine!!

    • Registering for a draft gets you a promo pack, while supplies last!