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Board Brigade Raffle Day!

Board Game Raffle Day!

What’s up Third Eye Faithful!! We are super excited to have the next board game raffle day! Join us on Saturday August 24th from 12noon-8pm for a day STUFFED with board gaming! We intend on playing games right up until 7:30pm at which point we will begin the raffle. Everyone can purchase tickets right up until the start of the raffle!!!!

What is this righteous raffle? This is an opportunity for you to score some wicked awesome used games on the cheap! Tickets are $5 a piece -or- 5 for $20.
We have some amazing used games that we’ve gotten a lot of love out and it’s time for you to take home! As we hit thresholds we will add more prizes and draw more lots!

Prizes! Here’s the breakdown, there are three categories: BIG, Medium, and small box! Each participant can win a prize from each category (so maximum of 3 prizes per person). There will be three tables FULL of various games you can scoop up! What’s more, as we sell more tickets we will add more BIG prizes and draw more lots!

To kick things off we have a copy of Star Trek Ascendancy!
One we sell 50 tickets we will add a copy of Betrayal Legacy!!
At 100 tickets we will add the highly collectible 10th Anniversary edition of Pandemic!!!

**All games were opened for demos or open play, or were donated**
**Games were verified to have all components!**