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ASL Game Night

Hey Third Eye Faithful, we are so gosh darn proud of you guys and all that you do for each other! It’s one of the reasons we have the best community in the state! We are fortunate enough to have players from all walks of life and on Saturday, November 23rd we would like to invite you to Silent Afternoon of Gaming! Our host will be local American Sign Language(ASL) teacher Michael Dunham. Not only is Michael a bona fide master in ASL, but also tabletop gaming! This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in ASL playing your favorite games! All are welcome to participate, even without any sign language background! This event will be followed immediately by our regular Board brigade, Board game meet-up! Stay for hours of fun, meeples,  and cardboard!

American Sign Language Board Game Night!
When: Saturday November 23rd, from 2pm-6pm
No Entry Fee!