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Mega FNM

Hey Third Eye Faithful!! It’s a new year and with that, we have a new format, a new set, and of course a new MEGA FNM!!!! Theros Beyond Death is such an exciting new set, and we really want everyone to come out and sling the newest spells! This MEGA FNM Series is an opportunity for local players to get a feel for the larger competitive magic scene! Wizards announced Pioneer as a format late 2019, and that it would be recognized in the competitive circuit, so we are bringing it to our MEGA FNM Series! So come on out on February 7th at 6:00pm and test your mettle!

Mega FNM Series: Theros Beyond Death
Entry: $25
Format: Standard or Pioneer, competitive rules enforcement level, no decklists required.
Time: Registration: 6:00pm-6:25pm, 6:30pm start; rounds based on attendance, end time between 12:00 midnight and 1:00am.

Prize Structure:
** All prizes paid out in packs of Theros Beyond Death **
@16 players
1st: 72 packs or 2 boxes
2nd: 36 packs or 1 box
3rd-4th: 18 packs
5th-8th: 9 packs
@32+ players payout extends to top 16
9th-16th: 5 packs

A December to Dismember

Hey there Third Eye Faithful, it’s time for some Pioneer! Join us on December 14th at 11am for an exciting case tournament! We want to give away a case of Throne of Eldraine, split among top 8! To celebrate seasons beatings, Top 8 also gets 8 PREMIUM Throne of Eldraine Promo Packs and all participants will get a regular promo pack!

In honor of this being the FIRST of our BI-MONTHLY Magic: The Gathering tournaments, we will be doing an AWESOME raffle! At $5 a ticket, we are gonna have some big money prizes! 200 tickets will add a Tundra to the lot! Let your friends know and let’s make this a DECEMBER TO DISMEMBER!

December to Dismember
When: Saturday Dec 14th
Entry: $30
Format: Pioneer, Competitive REL, Decklists required
Time: Registration starts at 10am. Players Meeting at 11am. Rounds based on Attendance. Cut to Top 8.

Prize Structure: *Prizes will be given in Packs or Store Credit equivalent
1st: place: 2 boxes of Throne of Eldraine and a Premium Pack
2nd place: 1 box of Throne of Eldraine and a Premium Pack
3rd-4th place: 24 Packs and a Premium Pack
5th-8th place: 15 packs and a Premium Pack
At 48 players, we will pay out to top 16!
9th-16th place: 8 packs

Participation: 1 Throne of Eldraine Promo Pack

$5 per ticket, $20 for 5 tickets
To kick things off, we are going to raffle off some sweet modern staples: Force of Negation, Invocation Maelstorm Pulse, Karn Liberated, and Ugin the Spirit Dragon!!!
What’s more, if we sell additional tickets we will sweeten the pot!
+100 Tickets: Ultimate Masters Box Topper Tarmogoyf
+200 Tickets: Tundra