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Buy & Talk Comics via Facebook with your Third Eye Fam with Third Eye Live!

Click here for the Facebook event info for our debut episode!
Hey Third Eye Faithful, we’ve got a killer new way for you to spend some quality time with your Third Eye Fam each and every week!
Whether you want to put in a claim and purchase items for in-store pickup when you see us for NEW COMIC DAY (or later in the week), or want to have items shipped to you (for our far-away Faithful) — we’ve got an entire process we’ve put together to help you do both!
On top of all this, you get to watch Torma & I rap a bit about what new comics we liked this week, so even if you’re planning to skip purchasing via the Live Sale, (’cause lets face it, you know you’re coming to see us in person this week!), you’ll still be able to kick back and enjoy some comic talk!
What are we going to be serving up each & every week? It’ll be a whole range of awesomeness, but mostly focused on some of the hottest new releases, including variant covers & more.
We’ll also be throwing in some pretty nifty freebies from time to time, as well as giving you a special crack at killer Third Eye Live special deals.
More importantly, like anything else we do at Third Eye, we’ll be listening to YOU, Third Eye Faithful, and shaping the show to offer you the kind of items you’re looking for.
If the demand is there, who knows — we may add another weekly broadcast with another member of team Third Eye to show off some other awesome stuff we carry like toys, games, and more!
And, in addition to the fact that we’re going to be serving up all sorts of products for you — we’ll also just be rapping in general about what new comics we loved that week, and would love to see you join!

When should you tune in? Every Tuesday night, 9:30-10:30PM, you can tune in to watch Third Eye Live, and put it in your claims to purchase all the goodies we’ve got coming your way.
Not only does this give you a heads up on all the awesome new releases coming out the following day, but it also gives you a head start on pre-ordering some of the killer new releases!
And, you’re probably asking: OK, so how do I do this? Easy, Third Eye Faithful – while we’re talking comics, and showing off our new favorites, you just comment on the video post with the name (as shown on the nifty tag for each book) & quantity that you want.
So, for example, you see SPIDER-GEDDON #2, you would just reply with a comment that says: SPIDER-GEDDON 2 @ 1.
OK, and then how do I get the item, you’re asking? Team Third Eye will be taking down your name, along with the items you’ve claimed. At the endow the live-streams, we will contact you to get your e-mail address & whether you are doing in-store pick-up or mail order.
Between that night & 10AM the next morning (Wednesday), you will be invoiced, and the item will be held for you until 9PM EST Wednesday night.
Once payment is received, we will process your book for in-store pick-up, and notify you when ready, or will ship your book, and provide you with the tracking #.
All orders process / ship within 24 hours of payment being received, but normally much, much sooner (with in-store pick-up being almost immediate in most cases).
If payment is not received by 9PM EST Wednesday night, we will cancel the transaction, and put the book back out for sale in our store.