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A December to Dismember

Hey there Third Eye Faithful, it’s time for some Pioneer! Join us on December 14th at 11am for an exciting case tournament! We want to give away a case of Throne of Eldraine, split among top 8! To celebrate seasons beatings, Top 8 also gets 8 PREMIUM Throne of Eldraine Promo Packs and all participants will get a regular promo pack!

In honor of this being the FIRST of our BI-MONTHLY Magic: The Gathering tournaments, we will be doing an AWESOME raffle! At $5 a ticket, we are gonna have some big money prizes! 200 tickets will add a Tundra to the lot! Let your friends know and let’s make this a DECEMBER TO DISMEMBER!

December to Dismember
When: Saturday Dec 14th
Entry: $30
Format: Pioneer, Competitive REL, Decklists required
Time: Registration starts at 10am. Players Meeting at 11am. Rounds based on Attendance. Cut to Top 8.

Prize Structure: *Prizes will be given in Packs or Store Credit equivalent
1st: place: 2 boxes of Throne of Eldraine and a Premium Pack
2nd place: 1 box of Throne of Eldraine and a Premium Pack
3rd-4th place: 24 Packs and a Premium Pack
5th-8th place: 15 packs and a Premium Pack
At 48 players, we will pay out to top 16!
9th-16th place: 8 packs

Participation: 1 Throne of Eldraine Promo Pack

$5 per ticket, $20 for 5 tickets
To kick things off, we are going to raffle off some sweet modern staples: Force of Negation, Invocation Maelstorm Pulse, Karn Liberated, and Ugin the Spirit Dragon!!!
What’s more, if we sell additional tickets we will sweeten the pot!
+100 Tickets: Ultimate Masters Box Topper Tarmogoyf
+200 Tickets: Tundra

M:tG Case Tournaments at Third Eye Beginning in December


Our newest addition to Magic: the Gathering play at Third Eye — the new Third Eye Case Tournament! Get an opportunity to win big every other month with the hottest new sets!

Third Eye Faithful, you know us: we’re always trying to help bring more and more exciting events to our players at Third Eye Games, and beginning this December, we’re introducing a very special new tradition: the Third Eye Case Tournament.

Every other month, we’ll be hosting a giant MtG case tournament featuring the hottest new sets, and giving you the chance to win big!

And, not content to just run any ol’ tournaments — we’ll be spicing each of these special events up with fun surprises ranging from raffles to blind-boxed MtG Lucky Boxes (an assortment of MtG cards, and certain boxes will have random goodies inserted like major MtG staples, and more!) to other fun stuff!

Pre-Register now for our DECEMBER TO DISMEMBER Case Tournament by clicking here

This December, our first THIRD EYE CASE Tournament is all about ELDRAINE, which is easily one of the hottest new MtG sets we’ve seen in a minute — and even better: we’re going to be featuring the red hot, new PIONEER format (which you can read more about here).

Want the full details, from prize support to start times to entry cost? You can get all the info here.