T.G.I.E.D: Thank God It's Endgame Day!

Published April 20th, 2019

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We are so darn stoked for the AVENGERS ENDGAME movie, it’s ridiculous, and we know that you are too, Third Eye Faithful!

In anticipation of the awesomeness that is the AVENGERS ENDGAME flick, we’ve put together a killer celebration for 4/26/19 (aka the day the movie comes out!) to help you get totally pumped for AVENGERS: ENDGAME!

Read on below, and get the full scoop on all the cool stuff we’ve got going on, including a special FREE Avengers comic courtesy of our pals at Marvel – this is a special start here sampler edition that has some great graphic novel previews to help you get ready for AVENGERS ENDGAME!

Get a FREE copy of an AVENGERS START HERE Sampler Comic that has everything you need to get started with the characters!

OK, so first off, we’ve got something extra special planned with a very cool thing our pals at Marvel have hooked us up with: an AVENGERS START HERE edition comic which features graphic novel previews from some serious Marvel heavy-hitters like JASON AARON, TINI HOWARD, GERRY DUGGAN, and more! There is not shortage of incredible talent packed into this book, and everything here will help you get even more psyched for Endgame!

All you have to do is pop by anytime between 11AM-9PM (8PM at St. Marys and Richmond!) at any Third Eye location, and we’ll get you hooked up!  

Get a AVENGERS MARVEL FUN-PACK featuring 2 Marvel Comics with purchase of any AVENGERS graphic novel, toy, statue, or t-shirt!

You love free stuff, right? And, we love giving you free stuff – so, we couldn’t help but add a little extra-something awesome with our AVENGERS FUN-PACK featuring 2 FREE Marvel Comics (and maybe a surprise or two) when you purchase any AVENGERS graphic novel, toy, t-shirt or statue!      

Be Entered to Win an AVENGERS prize package when you come in AVENGERS Cosplay!

And, hey, just for coming to see us on Friday 4/26/19, we’ll even toss in something extra for you: a raffle ticket to be entered to win an AVENGERS prize package featuring tons of cool goodies — but you have to be Cosplaying as a character from Avengers Endgame!