SATURDAY 8/6/16: KIM AND KIM Signing with Magdalene Visaggio, Eva Cabrera, Claudia Aguirre and Katy Rex


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If there’s one thing we live for, Third Eye Faithful, it’s discovering exciting and cutting edge new comics, and the indie upstart publisher BLACK MASK COMICS is THE definitive place to look for exciting new reads in 2016!

First they wowed the heck out of us with their incredible quirky crime drama 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK, then they impressed us again with their stellar new JADE STREET PROTECTION SERVICES series, and now, they’re delivering their next big homerun with KIM AND KIM!

We’re SO excited about KIM AND KIM that we not only are bringing out nearly the entire creative team, but we also collaborated with BLACK MASK to produce a very special KIM AND KIM #1 variant cover that you can ONLY get at Third Eye!

What’s KIM AND KIM all about?

From the publishers who brought you WE CAN NEVER GO HOME, SPACE RIDERS and 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK, KIM AND KIM is the tale of two twentysomething besties out to make a name for themselves in the wild world of interdimensional cowboy law enforcement!

In a massive SCREW YOU to their parents, and the authorities, they decide to hijack some high stakes bounty — and end up in way over their heads.

Kim & Kim is a day-glo action adventure that’s crackling with raw comic book fun, and pure unbridled energy and enthusiasm.

With a story that puts queer women and trans women front and center, and embraces a blend of the most of absurd sci-fi madness alongside realistic pathos, KIM AND KIM is a stellar story that focuses on the power and meaning of female friendships.

Imagine the raw energy and fun of old school TANK GIRL comics with a mixtape soundtrack featuring M.I.A and every Kathleen Hanna band you ever loved!

Make sure you check out KIM AND KIM when issue #1 releases on 7/6/16!

Get the exclusive KIM AND KIM #1 Third Eye Comics Variant!

We’re so excited about KIM AND KIM that we put together an exclusive variant cover to celebrate it’s release!

You can snag your’s in-store beginning 7/6/16 for just $3.99, or if you’re not local, you can click here to order online!



Make sure to check out BLACK MASK’S Jade Street Protection Services #1 & get it signed on 8/6/16 as well!

Joining us for our big KIM AND KIM signing, we’ve also got the writer of JADE STREET PROTECTION SERVICES, Katy Rex!

We’re totally stoked about this killer new series that reads like THE BREAKFAST CLUB meets SAILOR MOON, as we’re introduced to Kai, Saba, Noemi, Divya, and Emma… the bad kids who attend Matsdotter Academy, an elite private school for magical girls.

When they all meet for the first time in a totally unfair detention, these punk rock witch delinquents cut class and discover the fates Matsdotter has in store for them are even more sinister than they suspected!

Katy Rex, Fabian Lelay, Mara Jayne Carpenter, Annie Wu and Kiki Jenkins team up to bring Black Mask’s edgy, subversive sensibility into a whipsmart adventure for delinquents young and old!

Issue #1 is in stock now!

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