Saturday 3/10/18: Cosplay Workshop #1 with Maki Roll & Sayakat Cosplay

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Hey Third Eye Faithful, you know we’re always thinking of new ways to ramp up on our nerd cred.

We’ve been working on this for a while (we’re perfectionists like that), and now we’re finally ready to roll out our cosplay workshops!

Some of you may have seen our cosplay section in the store, and some of you may have even picked up a sheet or two of Worbla for your latest cosplay endeavors, but maybe you want some pointers on how to turn that Worbla into something MAGNIFICENT? 🙂 Well guess what: we’re kicking off our Cosplay workshops with Worbla 101!


What’s WORBLA? 

Glad you asked!

It’s a thermoplastic that many cosplayers and hobbyists use to create props and armor.

And because we want you guys learning from the best, we’re bringing in cosplay extraordinaire Sayakat Cosplay along with our very own Maki Roll to teach you guys all about to use this amazing product.

So avoid the long panel lines at cons, and come join the Third Eye fam for an evening of learning, and creating!

Monthly Cosplay Workshops at Third Eye? You bet!

We know there’s a TON of you out there, Third Eye Faithful, who are either just getting into Cosplay, or have been itching to learn how to Cosplay — and after working hard with Third Eye Maki to put something awesome together, we think you’re going to love our new monthly Cosplay Workshops.

We’ll be hosting workshops that are fun for all skill levels, and are totally beginner-friendly, and even more importantly, we’ll be giving you a place to show off your Cosplay, meet other Cosplayers, and become a part of the Third Eye Cosplay community!

Best of all – you don’t need to bring a thing: we’re providing all the materials to show you how to make your best Cosplay! And, hey – wanna purchase some of your own Cosplay materials?

Every single attendee of our Cosplay workshops will be given special Third Eye COSPLAY Cash – which will save you 15% OFF on all COSPLAY materials & associated merchandise (props, spray adhesive, Worbla, books on Cosplaying and more!)


Every one of our Cosplay Workshops will be held right next door at our sister store, THIRD EYE GAMES & HOBBIES, and will run 7PM-9PM!