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AfterShock-Comics-Garth-EnnisThird Eye Faithful, we’re proud to announce our biggest in-store signing event yet…. GARTH ENNIS is coming to Third Eye!

 That’s right, the legendary writer behind the graphic novels that inspired the upcoming AMC television series, PREACHER, will be making a special stop at Third Eye Annapolis to sign copies of his brand new AFTERSHOCK COMICS series, DREAMING EAGLES, which looks INCREDIBLE!

This is a HUGE deal, as many of you know from years of having us recommend and refer you to Garth Ennis’s impressive catalog, ranging from titles like  PREACHER, THE BOYS, PUNISHER MAX, WAR STORIES, CROSSED and beyond. We’ve been long-time fans of Garth’s writing, and we’re absolutely positively STOKED to be hosting this incredible signing event for what looks to be his most exciting new project yet!

So, Third Eye Faithful, start getting yourselves prepared for what is sure to be one of the most killer signing events we’ve hosted at Third Eye yet!


1smalldreamSo, many of you may already know, but for those of you who don’t, Garth Ennis can write some of the most kick-ass, action-packed yet true to the history war comics you’ve ever read.

Seriously: when this man is putting his pen to paper for war genre stuff — he’s one of the best, not just in the world of comics, but in any medium. He’s just got a natural knack for being able to tell a fantastic war story, while keeping you entertained all the way through.

In DREAMING EAGLES, Garth takes inspiration from true events with the story of the first African American fighter pilots to join the United States Army Air Force, and whose humble beginnings in Tuskegee, Alabama propelled them into the deadly skies above Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

Not only were these brave soldiers instrumental against the Nazi war machine, but they also fought against the challenge of overcoming the bigotry of many of the folks they were defending from the German forces.

We had a chance to read through some advance pages of the book, and, folks, I have to tell you: it’s an incredible, and inspiring read that will grab a hold of you and captivate you all the way through!

Other Projects by Garth Ennis

So, obviously, the BIG one, because of that trailer you saw on AMC during WALKING DEAD, and because, let’s face it: the show is going to be amazing, is obviously PREACHER.

But, let’s forget about the television show for a minute, and take a step back — PREACHER’s not just big because the show is going to be amazing, and take the world by storm much like WALKING DEAD did before it — no, it’s big because it’s one of the best damn graphic novels of the modern age of comics.

At Third Eye, we’ve always thought that the heart of the medium of comics was good story, and PREACHER is one of those rare moments that hits on every single note. The writing of Ennis marries with the art of Steve Dillon to make for an incredibly cinematic and immersive experience that is pretty much responsible in part for the entire direction of the comic book medium today.

Seriously, books like PREACHER, TRANSMETROPOLITAN, THE SANDMAN, and more paved the way for the renaissance of amazing stories we’re seeing now with books like SAGA, BLACK SCIENCE, and more.

If you’ve never read it before, now’s the time to start, not just because you’ll be able to tell all your friends who are posting Cassidy memes a year from now on their Facebook wall, how darn awesome PREACHER gets as it goes on, but because it’s one of the best damn comic books of all-time.

What’s it about? A minister without faith finds himself struck by an entity that blends the first ever offspring of an angel and a demon, and sends him on a search for God, who has abandoned heaven. From there — you’re taken into a story that defies genre, but at its heart is about friendships, and the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with them.

We’ve got plenty of PREACHER BOOKS 1-6, the entire run, in stock to get you on board this modern classic — and whet your appetite for what’s to come from Ennis in his next big project: DREAMING EAGLES!

Ennis’s critically acclaimed follow-up to PREACHER is the epic 12 volume THE BOYS, and folks, if you’ve yet to read this yet — you gotta check it out.

Pairing up with TRANSMETROPOLITAN artist DARICK ROBERTSON, THE BOYS takes the world of superheroes, and turns it on its head.

The men and women who have extraordinary abilities and are supposed to protect us? They’re just capes-for-hire who have the same character flaws as many human beings, and while some are worse than others, they’re all a little corrupt as we are quick to see that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And, THE BOYS? They’re the men and women who’ve had their lives destroyed in the crossfire of these super-powered throwdowns… and have dedicated their lives working for a secret part of the government to make sure that the “heroes” of the world never go.. too far!

An epic look at the darker side of capes and tights, THE BOYS is one of our favorite Ennis reads, and we highly recommend checking it out!

Garth has worked on a ton of other fantastic projects, ranging from his incredible WAR STORIES and BATTLEFIELDS series which deliver more hardboiled war story goodness, as well as his character-defining runs on the PUNISHER with PUNISHER MAX and WELCOME BACK FRANK, not to mention fan-favorites like HITMAN and CROSSED, and as we get closer to the signing, we’ll be spotlighting all of Garth’s projects, from the well-known to the cult favorites, so you guys are able to discover some new reads and get some awesome stuff signed!

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You guys know how we like to do events like these: BIG! And, with a legend like Garth Ennis coming to Third Eye, we know you guys are going to be totally amped.

We’ve got a very special gift to give out to the first 40 folks who’re in line when doors open!

You guys know that it’s YOUR enthusiasm, and YOUR passion for these events that help make them a success, and we LOVE seeing the community that develops around fun signings like these!

We know it’s February, and we know it’s gonna be chilly — but, let’s face it: you know you wanna camp out for this one!