SATURDAY 1/30/16: STRAYER #1 Launch Signing with JUSTIN JORDAN (Luther Strode, Spread, John Flood)


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Folks, you know us well enough by now to know that we’re HUGE fans of the one and only JUSTIN JORDAN. Whether it’s his incredible ultra-violent epic, LUTHER STRODE, or his recent IMAGE COMICS hit SPREAD, Justin has always delivered comics that we absolutely fall in love with, and his latest series, STRAYER, looks to be the next big hit from the J man!

We’re so excited that not only did we put together a totally awesome exclusive Third Eye cover by SPACE RIDERS artist ALEXIS ZIRITT, but we also put together a KILLER launch week signing for STRAYER #1 on Saturday 1/30/16!

Read on, and find out why we’re so darn excited about this brand new series!

What’s STRAYER about?

Debuting from the cutting edge new comics publisher, AFTERSHOCK COMICS, Strayer drops us straight into a world full of monsters.

And, Strayer? Strayer kills them, but you know – not for free.

And, the only hope for the world is a young woman named Mala, who kind of sort of does magic — sometimes when she wants to, and hey, sometimes when she’s totally unaware of it. And, she may be the only one who can save the world.

Strayer, our hacking and slashing frontman may be the only one who can help her save the world.

And, he might just have to do it for free.

Gorgeous artwork, drenched in blood, guts and bright colors combined with a smart, humorous story from the man who brought you LUTHER STRODE and SPREAD, Strayer is a must-read new ongoing series that will grab aw hold of you and not let go!

1smallstrayervariantGet the STRAYER #1 Third Eye Comics variant by SPACE RIDERS artist ALEXIS ZIRITT!

We’re so amped about STRAYER that we worked with one of our favorite rising star artists in the game, ALEXIS ZIRITT, to put together an incredible THIRD EYE COMICS exclusive variant for STRAYER #1 that you can get for just $3.99 on 1/27/16 and of course, at our big signing with Justin!

Alexis’s style has captivated us, and his work on the BLACK MASK series SPACE RIDERS has had us totally hooked. Snag yourself a copy of this exclusive cover and get it signed by Justin at our big STRAYER signing event!


Other Projects by Justin Jordan!

One of our favorite works by Justin is the series LUTHER STRODE, which is in it’s third and final act currently with the LEGACY OF LUTHER STRODE!

Luther Strode is your average slightly nerdy, extremely enthusiastic comic-loving fan trying to graduate high school, and make the girl he digs so much notice him — while not getting his butt kicked along the way.

One day, Luther discovers an ad in an old comic book in the style of those Charles Atlas GET RIPPED ads, and sends away for the regimen to turn himself into a musclebound He-Man.

What he gets instead is an instructional manual from a murder cult as old as mankind that does everything it promised — and more.

Unaware that the instructions he’s following are turning him into a unique breed of super-predator, and indoctrinating him into a dynasty that includes killers ranging from JACK THE RIPPER to GENGHIS KHAN, Luther does what any young man gifted with supernatural powers would do: he puts on a costume and decides to fight crime.

It’s just — well, sometimes he hits a little too hard, and sometimes, the thirst for blood is a bit too strong.

This is Luther Strode, and we love it. Imagine if Mark Millar’s KICK-ASS crossed paths with DRAGON BALL Z, and combined into one.

Get the LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE #1 Third Eye Variant & Get it signed by Justin!

While we’ve got a very killer variant coming for LEGACY OF LUTHER STRODE #1, we also have managed to unearth a very limited amount of our 2013 LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE #1 Third Eye comics variant featuring the iconic image of PETRA rocking the Luther mask and a Third Eye t-shirt.

We’ll have limited quantities of these guys available between now and the signing, so you can scoop one to get signed by the guys!

THE SPREAD – John Carpenter’s The Thing meets LONE WOLF & CUB!

Justin Jordan’s incredible ongoing Image series SPREAD has definitely been a major favorite here at Third Eye, as it delivers a very creepy, very post-apocalyptic horror tale that isn’t far removed from the paranoia of John Carpenter’s THE THING.

In fact, the best way to describe Spread is this: imagine if the alien from John Carpenter’s THE THING overran and consumed the world, and only small patches of land were left in tact.

Meanwhile, a very Samurai-spirited individual known as No traverses the deadly landscape with a young child, with his only mission being to get the child (who may very well just be the human race’s last hope) to safety.

Gruesome, incredible, and downright amazing. SPREAD is a great read through and through, and if you’re not reading it, you need to start!

We’ve got issues 1-12 in stock now, as well as the first graphic novel!

Justin Jordan’s DEAD BODY ROAD is one of our favorite revenge stories we’ve read in quite some time, and if you’re a fan of things like THE PUNISHER, SOUTHERN BASTARDS, or the recent film, the EQUALIZER, then you have to get this one and give it a shot.

In DEAD BODY ROAD, one man has a mission: the men involved in his wife’s death must now die.

All of them.

This graphic novel collects the entire DEAD BODY ROAD miniseries, a bruising story of one man’s revenge and the dark, dark road he travels on his way to achieve it.

Stunning, and chilling, DEAD BODY ROAD is one of our favorite JUSTIN JORDAN reads.

You know all those conspiracy theories you hear about? Like how the Jonestown Massacre was a failed MKULTRA experiment by the government, or how Lee Harvey Oswald was trained and brainwashed to be an assassin?

Well, what if SOME of that were true? Deep State is a dark look into the world of conspiracy, as we meet John Harrow, a man who’s not supposed to exist, and his job is to make sure that other things don’t exist, as well.

At any given time, the government is running dozens of black book operations, experiments that aren’t on any official record and are never acknowledged to exist.

Most of hte time, they go as expected, and the public is never the wiser.

John Harrow’s job is to handle them when they don’t, and do anything to make sure the government’s secrets stay secret.

Collecting issues 1-4 for only $9.99! We’ve also got all the single issues in stock as well!