SATURDAY 1/14/17: WWE #1 Release Signing with Dennis Hopeless & Jerry Gaylord

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You may or may not know this, but we’re all pretty huge pro-wrestling fans at Third Eye, and when we saw that one of our favorite comic publishers, BOOM STUDIOS, was going to be collaborating with WWE to bring their world to comics — we knew we had to do something special to celebrate!

So, we’ve put together a HUGE WWE #1 Release signing with series writer Dennis Hopeless (SPIDER-WOMAN, ALL NEW X-MEN) and Third Eye variant artist Jerry Gaylord (FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES, MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS) to kick things off in true Third Eye style!

We’re super stoked to be having both of these guys here to help us kick off the new WWE comic — which looks absolutely killer, and we really hope you’ll come out and join the fun with us, Third Eye Faithful!

What’s the scoop on the new WWE series?

We got a first glimpse at the new series with the special #0 one-shot WWE THEN NOW FOREVER which came out this Fall, and we loved every second of it!

Now, things officially begin with WWE #1, and we’re taken into the bigger-than-life world of WWE!

Each issue will feature your favorite Superstars in stories that go beyond what you’ve ever seen on TV. The first story arcs detail the “Breaking of The Shield.” Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose. Together they formed The Shield, one of the most dominant factions in WWE history-until the ultimate opportunist Seth chose to betray the group at the behest of Triple H, the “King of Kings” who has cemented himself as the authority in control of WWE.

Now, eager to prove himself, Seth is on the hunt for the WWE Championship, a journey that will send him on a collision course with his former brothers…

Get the exclusive THIRD EYE COMICS variant of WWE #1 by Jerry Gaylord featuring THE NEW DAY!

When we decided we were going to do a Third Eye cover for WWE #1, we knew we had to do something super cool — and Third Eye Faithful, the awesomeness that is THE NEW DAY had to be featured on that cover!

We’re super stoked to have this killer exclusive Third Eye cover which pays homage to the classic WWF Superstars magazine from back in the day, and features one of our favorite group of WWE superstars!

You can get your copy signed by Jerry at our huge WWE #1 launch signing on 1/14/17!

Other Great Projects by Dennis Hopeless & Jerry Gaylord

We’re pretty stoked to be having both Dennis & Jerry to the shop, as both have worked on some killer projects, and we wanted to give you the full scoop on some of our favorites by these guys!

First off, Dennis’s recent work on SPIDER-WOMAN has been some of our favorite Marvel stuff coming down the pipeline, and we’re super stoked to have him here to sign some of his epic Spider-Woman run for you, Third Eye Faithful!

In the initial run, collected in SPIDER-WOMAN TP VOL.1 BABY TALK, Jessica Drew is a private investigator, a super hero and…a mom-to-be?

Since we saw her last, Spider-Woman’s got a whole new responsibility – now she’s adventuring for two! Ben Urich and Porcupine are still along for the ride – in fact, they won’t even let Jess leave the car half the time!

How’s a gal supposed to save the day when her friends are being all overprotective?

Jess will soon find herself in over her head when she’s held captive by Skrulls…in an alien hospital…in the center of a black hole…with a bunch of pregnant extraterrestrials!

Her baby is on its way, and expectations won’t be disappointed in the mother of all Spider-stories!

Jerry Gaylord has done a ton of cool stuff, and one of our favorite projects by him is his work on BILL & TED’S MOST TRIUMPHANT RETURN.

icking up immediately where the second Bill and Ted film leaves off, Brian Lynch and Jerry Gaylord bring you all the zany humor, awesome characters, and historical science fiction that you know and love from the Bill and Ted flicks.

Following the time-traveling historic epic of Excellent Adventure and the turbulent life and death of Bogus Journey, Bill and Ted must now fulfill their destiny as the inspiration for galactic harmony!

How can someone hate the Wyld Stallyns as much as the evil Chuck De Nomolos? With the power of time travel, Bill and Ted set their sights on turning a young 27th-century Nomolos’ non-nonheinhous attitude into something most outstanding and metal!

We’ll have the BILL & TED graphic novel in stock for you to check out & get signed by Jerry!


Dennis’s work on ALL NEW X-MEN has been a blast, and now you can get your issues & graphic novels of the run signed when he visits on 1/14/17!

More than ever, hatred and fear have made the world a dangerous place for mutants.

But as the few remaining X-Men retreat into seclusion, a handful of mutant teenagers refuse to allow their destiny to be decided for them!

And no one is more concerned about their fate than Scott Summers, whose young shoulders must bear the heavy weight of the terrible acts committed by his adult counterpart. Cyclops is joined by three of his time-torn teammates – Beast, Iceman and Angel – as well as the All-New Wolverine, Kid Apocalypse and Oya.

Together, they’re heading out on the highway, looking for adventure, intent on writing their own futures!

But when they encounter the baleful Blob, their road trip may end before it begins!

We’ll have both the back issues and the trade paperbacks collecting Dennis’s run available for you to check out & get signed!

One of our favorite things Jerry has done is FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES, which takes the idea of a zombie outbreak happening AT SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON and runs with it like there’s no tomorrow.

Is a horde of starving brain-eaters any match against reflexes battle-hardened by video games, nerves tested by horror flicks, and courage crystallized by comic books?



We’re big fans of Jerry’s art at Third Eye, and we were lucky enough to have him do the variant cover to MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #1 for us last year featuring THE COMPOSITE RANGER — a mash-up of the White and Green Ranger!

You can snag a copy (or bring your copy in) and get it signed by Jerry when he’s here on 1/14/17!

Our first time encountering Dennis’s work is the totally rad Image Comics graphic novel, LOVESTRUCK, which still holds up as one of our favorite sci-fi / fantasy reads of the last decade.

In this love story — that’s totally not what you think — we’re taken into a world where love is a billion-dollar industry, and Cupid’s the megalomaniac CEO.

And our hero? Kali Monroe? She gets paid to break your heart.

Love’s a booming business, and Lovestruck dives deep into it. One of our favorite reads – snag a copy and get it signed on 1/14/17!

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