SAT 7/7/18 MAE signing with Gene Ha!

Published June 22nd, 2018

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Happy Summer Solstice, Third Eye Faithful! We know for many, the best part of the summer is soaking up some sun pool or beachside with a cold beverage and a good book in your hand. For Team Third Eye, it’s all of the awesome creators that stop by to sign some books and chat about their latest works. This year, we’re kicking off the summer with the amazing GENE HA!
Gene has been in the game for a while now as both an artist and writer, and has worked for the likes of MARVEL, DC, VERTIGO and more. His work on TOP 10 with Alan Moore earned him three Eisner Awards, so yeah, he’s a big deal folks. For the past two years, Gene has been building a world of his own with his critically acclaimed young adult series MAE, and it quickly became one of our favorite go-tos for fantasy lovers of ALL ages.
We’re so stoked to see where Mae’s adventures lead, and we know you are too! That’s why we when Gene agreed to come in for his first THIRD EYE signing, we knew it was going to be something spectacular!

What’s the scoop on MAE?

Mae’s sister Abbie has been missing for seven years. So when she just shows up in a bar one night, Mae is more than a little shocked. Even more shocking is where Abbie has been–a parallel world in which she was queen of a cat army and battled monsters of seemingly infinite variety.

And this is just our story’s beginning. When monsters and other impossible creatures start making their way to our world, and abduct the girls’ father, Mae joins Abbie in a strange and fantastical universe in which everything they thought they knew–about themselves, their family, their world–is challenged.


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