SAT 7/14/18: FARMHAND #1 Launch Signing w/ Rob Guillory (Chew)

Published April 5th, 2018

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Third Eye Faithful, Image Comics is on fire this year as they put out hit after hit after hit, and one of the most promising new ongoing series of 2018 has gotta be FARMHAND, from the co-creator of the legendary series that started the Image revival in 2008 – Rob Guillory of Chew!

Now, ten years after the debut of the book that literally changed creator-owned comics as we know it (and c’mon, you can say WALKING DEAD was the book that built Image, but in our minds, it was Chew that really established Image as the name they’ve come to be for top notch, high quality comic book goodness), Rob is back with a series that is set to hook you the same way Chew did and then some.
We’re so freakin’ pumped for FARMHAND that we actually set up a big launch signing with Rob for 7/14, and will be bringing him out for his first ever Third Eye signing – so not only will you get a chance to get your stack of Chew trade paperbacks signed, but even better: you’ll get to get a copy of FARMHAND #1 signed right as it’s setting new issue racks across the country on fire!

What’s the scoop on FARMHAND?

First, let us just say this: Farmhand is incredible. We’ve read a good chunk so far, and we’re telling you now: this is a book that has that “it’s gonna be special” feel. The same kind of feel we got when we read Chew #1, the same kind of feel we got when we read Black Science #1, the same kind of feel we got when we read Descender #1 — it’s just one of those books. So, you better believe, Third Eye Faithful: you need to get into this one.
The scoop on it? Meet Jedidiah Jenkins, he’s a farmer who lives in Freetown, Louisiana.
He’s your typical farmer, until he has some very frightening visions that download scientific data into his brain that’s so cutting edge – it hasn’t even been invented yet.
From there, he creates the Jedidiah Seed.
When planted and watered, he’s able to grow human organs that heal fast and can be customized in a hundred different ways.
That’s right, Third Eye Faithful: a farmer who grows human organs.
Of course, things go awry when Jedidiah becomes an overnight sensation, and shortly after, the recipients of these plant / human organs tend to not work out so swift.
When Jedidiah’s long estranged son, Ezekiel, shows up – things really kick into an interesting direction.
This book is incredible. Rob’s art is the best we’ve ever seen it, and the storytelling here is the perfect blend of weird and warm – the kind of weird and warm that really shows you just how a story about growing human organs out of a farm can tug at your heart strings.

Never read CHEW? Start now to pre-game for FARMHAND & find out why this legendary series began the Image Comics revolution in 2008!

In our personal opinion, CHEW was one of the most important comics of the 2000s.
See, before CHEW came out – Image Comics was literally just WALKING DEAD and a couple of other books, but it wasn’t the hotbed of smash hit creator-owned launches that we’ve come to know over the years.
And, Chew opened the floodgates. It literally changed the market of comics as we knew it, and you know why?
‘Cause the book is THAT damn good. Seriously: it was unique, and unlike anything else at that point in time. In fact, Third Eye had literally opened its doors just shortly after CHEW #1 came out, and we remember watching as many other great Image classics-in-the-making (books you know and love now!) followed in its wake.
In other words: Chew ranks up there with those iconic and important comic works that have changed the medium, and if you’ve never read it. Now is the time to change that.
What’s the story on it? Tony Chu is a detective with a secret. A weird secret.
Tony Chu is Cibopathic, which means he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats.
It also means he’s a hell of a detective, as long as he doesn’t mind nibbling on the corpse of a murder victim to figure out whodunit, and why.
He’s been brought on  by the Special Crimes Division of the FDA, the most powerful law enforcement agency on the planet, to investigate their strangest, sickest, and most bizarre cases.
A unique blend of heart-warming slice-of-life storytelling about the relationships people have, and a dystopian look at the world as we know it – that doesn’t seem too far removed from reality; Chew is a book that literally defies genre, and has it all.
You can pick up the first trade at Third Eye for just $9.99, and find out just why we’re so darn stoked to have Rob visiting our store to sign his new series FARMHAND!

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