SAT 6/13/15: NONPLAYER Launch Party


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Third Eye Faithful, we have to tell you: NONPLAYER is a comic that you may not know now, but in about two months — it’s going to rock your world and leave you wanting more!

This incredible new IMAGE ongoing series will be arriving at Third Eye this April, and then issue #2 will be hitting us this June, and guess what — writer / artist and all around super talented super nice guy Nate Simpson has decided to make Third Eye the OFFICIAL launching spot for the series grand arrival!

This incredible comic series is a must-read for fans of series like SAGA, East of West, LOW, and more. It’s also a must-read for those of you who have a healthy appreciation of good cyberpunk like SNOW CRASH and the recent READY PLAYER ONE novel.

And, of course, we know many of you, like ourselves, have grown up on video games — so you’re going to really dig the concept of NONPLAYER.

OK, so we’re rambling here, but we can’t help it: we’re THAT excited about this book!

So, read on, Third Eye Faithful, and find out why this rare opportunity to meet one of comics fastest rising stars is a must-attend event!

The Line Between Reality & In-Game Blurs in NONPLAYER.

OK, so, Nonplayer has one of the coolest concepts we’ve seen in a comic, and the gorgeous Moebius / Geoff Darrow inspired artwork of Nate Simpson totally brings it to life in a very special, very unique way.

In NONPLAYER, the future kind of sucks, and that goes double for Dana Stevens — she’s stuck in a dead-end mail delivery job, and she’s way too old to be living with her mom.

But, in the online fantasy world of Jarvath, she’s an elite warrior, and life is grand.

However, things go a bit mad when she slays the wife of a celebrity game character named King Herewith, and her fame seems all but guaranteed.

Well, that is until the game spins totally out of control and those non-player characters show that they’re just as vindictive, just as petty, and just as ruthless as a real player — and capable of crossing through into the real world to get their revenge.

NONPLAYER is an incredible read that takes the idea of massively multiplayer online games, and applies a new twist, as the line between what is real and what is not, blurs and twists, in a very dangerous manner.

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You guys know that it’s YOU who make these events what they are, and we really love to encourage the kind of community that builds around our Third Eye signings!

So, we’ve put together a very special free surprise gift limited to this event only for the first 30 of you guys who’ve lined up and waited to get in for the signing!

C’mob out, and take part in the fun of hanging out, talking comics, and get something sweet and free in the process!