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What’s a KEEP COMICS WEIRD signing event? Third Eye Faithful, if there’s one thing that we think needs to be celebrated in the fullest is the fact that comics are a truly unique medium where you can do just about anything.

The raw creativity, and pure imagination that can only be found in comics is really special, and it remains the last form of entertainment that hasn’t been completely processed and formulated to the degree that many other have.

And, we’re not only happy about that, but we’re proud of that, and proud to be a part of it!

Whenever we host one of our in-store events that really celebrates big, crazy ideas that could only be told in comics — we’ll be adding the banner of it being a KEEP COMICS WEIRD signing, where we’ll be giving out special KEEP COMICS WEIRD badges, and other cool swag!

And, folks, let me tell you – the incredible talent and exciting work of both MICHEL FIFFE and CHARLES FORSMAN exemplify the spirit of Keeping Comics Weird.

COPRA and REVENGER are both comics that could only be born in the hearts of individuals who have grown up loving the medium of comics. They are the kind of comics that come around once in a generation, and the kind that you’ll still be seeing applauded and recommended years down the line.

Just like LOVE AND ROCKETS or CEREBUS in the ’80s, SIN CITY or BONE in the ’90s, SCOTT PILGRIM or WALKING DEAD in the ’00s, COPRA and REVENGER channel a kind of raw energy that can only be found in comic books.

And, just like we told you “Hey, this WALKING DEAD book is pretty darn awesome” years before it became what it is today — we’re telling you now that you need to be reading Copra and Revenger!

What are COPRA and REVENGER about? 

OK, so, starting off, let’s talk COPRA!

Imagine if you took the idea and archetypes of SUICIDE SQUAD and then got rid of any and all limitations that being published by a major publisher entails.

No rules, no oversight, just pure mayhem and madness all the way through as a team of super powered, government sanctioned maniacs finds itself as the only defense that the world has in dire times.

In COPRA, we’re introduced to a team of unlikely heroes, who find themselves sent on missions that only individuals as damaged as themselves would take.

Incredible character-driven storytelling that really gets inside the heads of these superhero archetypes, some of which you may recognize, COPRA is a one part smart deconstruction of superhero comics and what they can do, and one part pure, unbridled joy in being able to deliver as much over-the-top ultra-violence as creator Michel Fiffe wants.

Another aspect of COPRA that really makes the book pop is the incredible artwork of Fiffe which is so unique, and so fluid, that it moves you through each installment of COPRA effortlessly, bringing you that same kind of raw comic book joy you remember from the first time you picked up a comic.

We’ve got plenty of copies of trade paperbacks 1, 2 and 3 in stock for COPRA, for you to check out and get signed by Michel Fiffe at our big signing event!

Lets talk REVENGER!

In THE REVENGER, one woman steps out of the darkness of a blood-soaked nightmare, cloaked with the scars of her righteous mission.

Those who do evil find themselves being stalked by the hungry maw of justice, and you’re going to love every second of it.

Taking everything that’s great about those late ’80s Punisher War Journal back issues you remember first cracking open, THE REVENGER is a smart, fun, and ultraviolent take on vigilante comics that’s captivating from start to finish.

We’ll have plenty of copies of REVENGER available for you to scoop and get signed on 4/9/16!


Another project by CHARLES FORSMAN that we absolutely love is the incredible graphic novel, CELEBRATED SUMMER, which takes two teenagers and puts them on an acid-fueled tragicomic road trip that you will NEVER forget!

In this hilarious and moving story that blends humor with tension, and the friendship of two disaffected teens, we’re introduced to Mike and Wolf.

Together, they decide to embark on a spontaneous summer road trip after dropping acid, but it’s not quite the psychedelic, talking to lovy-dovey aliens kind of trip you might think.

Instead of the escapism they crave from their fragile home lives, the LSD only heightens their sense of ennui, exacerbates their fears about the world they’re about to enter as adults, and creates doubts about everything they think they know.

Though not entirely what they bargained for, will Mike and Wolf look back on their adventure as part of the “celebrated summer” of their never-to-be-recaptured youth, or a carelessly wasted part of the best years of their lives? Or both?

Find out in this killer graphic novel, and hey, anything that makes us think of HUSKER DU gets points in our book!

ultimatesShortly before the events of SECRET WARS, MICHEL FIFFE did some pretty darn amazing work on the sleeper hit Ultimate Universe team book, ALL NEW ULTIMATES.

In ALL NEW ULTIMATES, the next generation of Ultimates are here! Spider-Man, Black Widow, Kitty Pryde, Bombshell, Cloak and Dagger unite to tackle the vicious, rampant crime wave overtaking Hell’s Kitchen!

But the young Ultimates are put to the test as they try to survive their first mission: going head-to-head with the city’s most ruthless gang, the Serpent Skulls, led by Diamondback!

Meanwhile detective Brigid O’Reilly and her anti-gang unit are on the hunt for a serial mask killer called Scourge!

As Jessica Drew adjusts to the mantle of Black Widow, Spider-Man falls for a villainess, and Bombshell’s life is changed by tragedy, super-powered street gangs and psychopaths!

We’ll have plenty of all the single issues, as well as the first graphic novel collecting 1-6 of ALL NEW ULTIMATES, on hand and available for the signing!

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We love the enthusiasm, and sense of community that you all bring to these events, Third Eye Faithful, and we love to help encourage you to hang out before the signing, meet fellow fans, and continue to build that kind of unique community that our guests have heard about from far and wide.

So, we’ve put together a super cool surprise free gift that’ll be available at this event for the first 20 of you who line up for this event.

It’s seeing you out there having fun, connecting with new friends, and more that really makes us love doing these events, and want to continue to keep giving you that extra little incentive to keep having fun!