Sat 11/7/15: Image Comics Citizen Jack #1 Release Signing w/ Sam Humphries & Tommy Patterson


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Okay, Third Eye Faithful, we’ve been long-time fans of the work that writer Sam Humphries has done on all sorts of books, ranging from SACRIFICE & OUR LOVE IS REAL to recent MARVEL COMICS hits like PLANET HULK, BLACK VORTEX & LEGENDARY STAR-LORD, so when we saw he was launching a new IMAGE COMICS series with the incredibly talented Tommy Patterson, we knew we had to do something special for it!

So, on 11/7/15, we’ll be hosting Sam and Tommy at Third Eye for one hell of a big, awesome signing event as they kick off their exciting new series, CITIZEN JACK, for IMAGE COMICS.

Read on below, and find out why this is a signing you do NOT want to miss, and why CITIZEN JACK is going to blow you away!

CITIZEN JACK from IMAGE COMICS blends the supernatural and politics to make an amazing read!

In this brand new horror comedy for anyone who hates politics, we’re introduced to a man known as Jack Northworthy — who has more than his fair share of skeletons in the closet.

And, while every presidential candidate has a skeleton in their closet — Jack Northworthy has something even bigger: he worships the DEVIL!

A scandal-plagued, small town politician, Jack should in no way be president.

But, he’s got a secret weapon: MARLINSPIKE, a malevolent demon of high ambitions!

Together, they’re running for president in an outrageous campaign that America will never forget!

This killer new ongoing series delivers a unique blend of the kind of dark humor that’s at home in TRANSMETROPOLITAN mixed with the horror stylings of PREACHER or films like THE OMEN.


We’ve loved a ton of the work that both Sam and Tommy have worked on, so we wanted to spotlight some of our favorites, so you could make sure you’re good and ready to get a bunch of cool stuff signed on 11/7/15!

First off, let’s talk about Sam’s INCREDIBLE run on LEGENDARY STAR-LORD, which sets the stage for his upcoming brand new STAR-LORD #1 ongoing launching out of Marvel’s ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT line-up!

Peter Quill battles the Badoon, saves an orphanage and still finds time to flirt with the X-Men’s Kitty Pryde – all in a day’s work for the legendary Star-Lord!

But when Peter is captured by a bounty hunter with a strange connection to his past, can the two make amends before he’s fed to a giant alien?

A Badoon death sentence isn’t exactly Peter’s idea of a good time – luckily, he’s got an ace up his sleeve.

But Star-Lord soon encounters the all-powerful Titan responsible for so much mayhem in his life: Thanos! It’s the battle to end all battles, but can Star-Lord possibly get out alive?! If he does, the vicious Mister Knife and the ancient cosmic artifact known as the Black Vortex are waiting.

If you dug the portrayal of STARLORD by Chris Pratt, then you’ll love the heck out of this awesome series!

We’ve got all the single issues 1-12, and the graphic novels that collect them, in stock now and will have them available at the signing as well!

Tommy Patterson has done an incredible job of bringing the world of George RR Martin’s A GAME OF THRONES to life, and if you’re a GoT fan and haven’t checked the comics out yet, then now is the time!

In this amazing 24-issue series, the world of Westeros gets fully realized in the way that only a graphic novel could!

We’ll have plenty of all 4 volumes of A GAME OF THRONES in stock and available for you to scoop and get signed by Tommy on 11/7/15!



SACRIFICE was where we first fell in love with Sam’s work, and folks, if you’ve never read this incredible series — you need to get into it!

What happens when a troubled youth is plucked from modern society and thrust through time and space on a psychedelic journey into the heart of the Aztec civilization — one of the greatest and most bloodthirsty times in human history?

Find out in this incredible graphci novel that’s been described as a trip through the ages with a soundtrack by Joy Division.

We’ll have plenty of copies of SACRIFICE in stock and available for you to pick up and get signed on 11/7/15!


One of our favorite corners of SECRET WARS was PLANET HULK, and we cannot give Sam enough props for the incredible work he’s done on the limited series!

In a forbidden zone of wild Hulks, a battle-worn gladiator named Steve Rogers must fight for his.. and mankind’s freedom!

Wanna get into it? We’ve got all the issues released thus far in stock now to get you caught up in time to get them signed by Sam on 11/7/15!




Sam has become known for the amazing work he’s done in the Cosmic Marvel universe, and BLACK VORTEX is a very cool summary of that stuff!

In the Black Vortex, an ancient artifact of immeasurable power, is now in Mr. Knife’s hands! With billions of lives at stake, Star-Lord must steal it back – with the help of both the Guardians and the X-Men!

But as a schism forms between the heroes, Knife’s Slaughter Squad closes in!

Beast and Kitty must decipher the Vortex Book as Ronan, Nova and the Brood get involved, and Spartax falls!

The Vortex grants near-infinite power to Knife’s forces; to counter them, the heroes will have to submit to its power themselves! Will the X-Men and Guardians lose their humanity forever?

We’ve got all the issues of this crossover in stock now, as well as the gorgeous hardcover that collects the entire thing in sequential reading order — snag yourself a copy and get it signed by Sam on 11/7/15!

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