Sat 11/28/15: Small Business Saturday & Local Comic Shop Day at Third Eye Comics in Maryland

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So, Third Eye Faithful, once a year — we have our CRAZIEST day / night combo ever: BLACK FRIDAY. And, don’t you worry — the details for that are coming soon (you know we like to wait a little bit before laying out the BIGGEST AND BEST Comic Shop Black Friday event info ever at you!), but in the meantime: we want to talk to you about our most BELOVED day of the year: SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! Why is it our most beloved day of the year? It’s because every year, you guys pour into our store during the craziest holiday shopping weekend of all-time, and remind us once again: we have the best group of folks coming through our doors in the world.

And, this year, it’s going to be even more special, and why is that you may ask? It’s also the first ever.. LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY™!

That’s right, in a celebration of the local comic shop, all across the nation, comic book stores like Third Eye are going to be celebrating the things that make them special: and, Third Eye Faithful, we all know what that is here: YOU.

So, we’ve put together one heck of an awesome day of fun stuff for you guys, and we’d be honored to have you join us.

First, what is LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY™? 

So, many of you are probably familiar with the uber-cool annual event, RECORD STAY DAY, right?

Well, LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY™ is very similar to that.

Basically: it’s a reason to show your love for comic shops, and of course, to tell your friends about comic shops.

But, hey let’s be real here: it’s also a day for you to get a ton of awesome stuff at Third Eye, and of course, spend the day with your Third Eye Family!

And, folks, let me tell you: we’re going to be doing a TON of cool stuff this year, and offering up tons of super cool exclusives for LCSDay!

So, what about these exclusive releases? Well, just like RECORD STORE DAY, only once a year, puts out special edition releases, new content, and more in limited print runs — the same goes with LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY™.

We’ll have a full selection (soon to be posted here!) of all the awesome releases that publishers like ONI PRESS, VALIANT COMICS, IMAGE, and more!

You’ll be able to purchase all of these guys on LCSDay™, but make sure you get here early, as we anticipate some of these going pretty fast!

So far, we have two official ones we can announce: a special LCSDay™ edition of INVADER ZIM #1 and a special LCSDay™ edition of RICK AND MORTY #1 from Oni Press. Both sure to be in high demand, ’cause hey: it’s Zim and Rick & Morty!

  bagsAnd, how about SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY?

We’re proud to say we were a part of the very first Small Business Saturday ever a few years back in 2010, and we’re totally pumped to be celebrating the day again this November!

After nearly 8 years of existence, Third Eye is STILL independently owned and operated, and we’re extremely proud of the fact. No matter how much we grow as a company, we still consider ourselves to be a locally operated, independently owned business that values the comic & fan community of Maryland & DC more than anything else.

As such, a day like SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY is extra-special for us, because it’s a celebration of ALL the independently owned small businesses that help make each and every town and city unique. Whether it’s your favorite local diner, or your friendly neighborhood Third Eye Comics — it’s vital to have unique, and interesting places for people to have experiences and build relationships.

So, we’d be so honored if you guys would join us for Small Business Saturday to celebrate just how awesome small businesses are!

storfSo, what’d we have in store for LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY™ & SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY?

  • Get to purchase EXCLUSIVE Local Comic Shop Day releases of your favorite comics!
  • Get DOUBLE Third Eye Points for every purchase of $20 or more (i.e instead of 5 points, get 10 points per every $20 spent!)
  • Get a FREE Re-Usable Third Eye Tote with any purchase of $20 or more!
  • First 25 in line get a FREE Custom Third Eye Comics x LCSDay Comic Stor-Folio (limited to only 25 produced) featuring exclusive artwork — the perfect way to transport YOUR comics!