Sat 10/25/14: Halloween ComicFest 2014 – Free Comics! Free Candy! Creator Signings!

Be one of the first 50 in line for Halloween ComicFest & get a special VIP early bird pass for our gigantic BLACK FRIDAY Midnight Mayhem Event on 11/28!

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Third Eye Faithful: it’s our favorite time of year again, and you know we have to just celebrate in the biggest way possible with our annual Halloween ComicFest event! We’ve put together an all-star roster of kick-ass guests, killer deals, and of course, FREE Halloween ComicFest comics, to give you guys one heck of an epic event!

But, most importantly: it’s an excuse to show off your costume! And, you guys know that’s what Halloween is really all about, right?

So, as we start to smell the scent of Pumpkin Spice…. everything, we turn up our Misfits LPs, and we begin stockpiling this year’s supply of Monster Cereals, we’ve decided to give you the FULL scoop on what’s in store at Third Eye for Halloween ComicFest this year!


First and foremost, the best part of Halloween ComicFest: FREE comics! We are totally amped for the line-up that our pals from HCF headquarters have put together, and just like FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, these are all special editions that will NOT be reprinted again.

What’ve you got to look forward to? Well, check out the below gallery of HALLOWEEN COMIC-FEST comics that we’ve got on tap for this year’s event!


1281631_fulIn addition to the FREE Comics, and other fun stuff we’ve got planned, we’ve also got an all-star roster of creator guests for this year’s event, and each one is totally suitable for the season!

First off, we’ve got FIVE GHOSTS creators Frank J. Barbiere & Chris Mooneyham, as they join us to kick off the most exciting arc of FIVE GHOSTS yet with FIVE GHOSTS #13. This issue serves as a special jumping on point for this incredible IMAGE COMICS series which follows the adventures of Fabian Gray, a treasure hunter cursed by an ancient artifact, and haunted by Five Ghosts. Blending HELLBOY, Indiana Jones, and Castlevania games into one slick package, FIVE GHOSTS is a MUST-READ.

Frank and Chris will be on-hand with us to sign copies of FIVE GHOSTS, as well as their other projects!

TaraNormalVolume1Cover-FLATwebAnd, then a hometown favorite and local hero, Howie Noel, will be signing copies of his incredible Tara Normal graphic novel, which is truly a perfect fit for the Halloween season. Tara Normal is a blast, and fans of HACK / SLASH, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, and more will love this series which follows the adventures of Tara as she hunts, and yes, busts ghosts!

Howie will be offering free sketches, as well as zombie portraits of YOU, when you purchase his Tara Normal graphic novel!





1362651_fulAnd, then finally, folks, we’ve got the one and only RYAN BROWNE coming in to sign copies of his brand new IMAGE COMICS hit GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS! Ryan is an incredible talent, having worked on red-hot IMAGE series like BEDLAM & MANHATTAN PROJECTS, and his new ongoing series GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS is truly a must-have, Third Eye Faithful. We are so stoked to have Ryan joining us for this year’s Halloween ComicFest, and to give you guys a chance to get your GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS issues signed!





You can score:

  • 20% OFF all Graphic Novels (excluding new releases from 9/24 – 10/29)
  • 20% OFF all Games & RPGs (excluding new releases from 9/24 – 10/29)
  • 20% OFF all Toys & Statues (excluding new releases from 9/24 – 10/29)


You guys know us: we love it when you get stoked, and make these events special. So, we’ve put together some very cool bonuses for you.

First of all: if you’re one of the first 20 in line at Annapolis (or 10 in line at St. Mary’s), you can score a FREE Third Eye T-Shirt!

Secondly, if you’re one of the first 25 in line at either location, you can score a FREE Halloween ComicFest ADVENTURE TIME Button!

And, then finally: if you come in costume (and you know you want to!), you can scoop one of our totally rad HALLOWEEN COMIC-FEST swag bags, loaded with FREE comics, candy, and other fun stuff! While supplies last, so make sure you get here early!