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Savage Avengers #4

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Comic Script by: David Pepose
Illustrated by: Carlos Magno
Cover Design or Artwork by: Leinil Yu
WHO IS DEATHLOK? [[Consciousness rebooting…]] Tasked with pursuing Conan the Barbarian, the cybernetic hunter known as Deathlok must now come to terms with his past. [[Where am I?]] And with Conan in the hands of Thulsa Doom, the Savage Avengers must turn to the unlikeliest of sources for aid. [[101100… Is that my face?]] How did one hero's sacrifice lead to the end of the world? [[WARNING: Temporal safeties disengaged.]] Without their ticket back to the present, can the Savage Avengers stop Set's return in the past - or will the snake god conquer the planet thousands of years ahead of schedule?