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Jennings, Waylon - Lost Nashville Sessions

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Waylon Jennings is one of those rare artists who can truly be called a musical icon. He was part of a music genre dubbed "Outlaw Country" and was linked with other artists such as Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson who rebelled against the mainstream "Nashville Sound." Waylon was most confident in his own guitar playing. "He wasn't one of those 'you'd better get every note exactly right' kind of guys, I think I only ever saw him come to one sound check. He trusted his band. If you did something he really liked, he'd turn around and applaud you on stage, recalled Fred Newell."

The pinnacle of Jennings' output of "Outlaw Country" (1972 'Ladies Love Outlaws' album) was still a couple of years away when he entered the studio at Scotty Moore's Music City Recorders in Nashville on July 13, 1970, and recorded the tracks that appear on this album. Amazingly, these tracks have never before been commercially released. Fans will be applauding as they listen to these newly discovered tracks that showcase Waylon Jennings at the height of his musical career. These recordings have been enhanced by Grammy Award winning producer and musician Robby Turner, who worked for Waylon for 15+ years and did his last 10 albums. On this release Robby added some new instruments and background voices, while still maintaining the pure and authentic Waylon Jennings sound, taking this album into the contemprary era.




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