POPSHOP LIVE: Third Eye Chase POPs Day!

Published July 23rd, 2021

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What’s going on, Third Eye Faithful! Every Tuesday we have an absolute blast over on Popshop Live! If you haven’t joined us for a show yet, don’t worry! We hang out from 12pm to 2pm every single Tuesday on PopShop Live! Each week has new products, new themes and new fun!

Join Third Eye Maki and Third Eye Nicole this Tuesday (and every Tuesday, of course!) as they run down new releases, and some of our favorite chase Funko POPs this week! You definitely don’t wanna miss this show, cos we might have something special planned – so tune into www.popshop.live/thirdeyecomics and join the fun!

Still new to PopShop Live?

PopShop live is a virtual pop-up shop, accessible via an app, or their website on your computer! Creators host shows to spotlight products and you can make purchases right within the app! Signing up is quick and easy and only requires a phone number! No pesky passwords to remember – they send you a one-time verification code each time you login and that’s it! You can watch us live and snag some fun swag to add to your collections!

This week’s theme – CHASE POPs!

If you’re a POP collector, you know that rush of a feeling when you finally get your hands on a chase variant! Not familiar with POPs? Chase POPs are special variants of the normal character – something about the figure is a little (or a lot) different and they are super rare finds. This week on PopShop Live, we happen to have a handful of those cool, rare figures and we’re excited to share them with you!

Chases might be a bit harder to find, but man are they cool: check out a gallery of some of our favorites!

Don’t forget, Third Eye Faithful – we’re live on Popshop Live every Tuesday afternoon from 12pm-2pm! Join us for all the fun and come snag some awesome products! Click here to check us out on PopShop Live and join the fun!