Our Top 5 DEADPOOL Graphic Novels

All right, Third Eye Faithful, we know you are totally pumped for the upcoming DEADPOOL film, and we gotta tell you, we’re pretty darn stoked too.

I mean, c’mon: IT’S DEADPOOL!

So, we’ve put together our TOP 5 Deadpool Graphic Novels to read before you see the brand new film that hits on 2/12/16!

Read on, Third Eye Faithful, and find out the perfect places to start reading DEADPOOL, or maybe discover a great DEADPOOL series you haven’t yet checked out.

Either way: we got you covered on all the DEADPOOL awesome you could handle.

And, if any of these pique your interest, we’ve got all 5 of ’em in stock and available at all Third Eye locations!



The DEADPOOL by DANIEL WAY COMPLETE COLLECTION graphic novels (total of 4 volumes available) are the PERFECT starting point for any fans that are new to the world of DEADPOOL.

This hilarious, action-packed run really helped redefine the character, and delve deeper into the multiple personalities, and 4th-wall breaking that makes him so cool.

This series is probably the one that has had the biggest impact in how the character in the film will be portrayed, and is a PERFECT entry point to the world of DEADPOOL!

We also have plenty of volumes 1-4 in stock to get you started on these!

2.DEADPOOL CLASSIC: For the Completist.

The DEADPOOL CLASSIC line is probably THE definitive way to collect the Merc with the Mouth in the proper chronological and sequential order that the stories featuring Wade have come out.

This fantastic series begins with volume 1, featuring NEW MUTANTS #98 and the first appearance of Deadpool, then continuing into his debut limited series, and then jumping into the now-classic JOE KELLY Deadpool run that really brought humor to the forefront of the character.

We always keep plenty of volumes 1-14 in stock to get you up on board, and into this fantastic line of DEADPOOL tales.

3. UNCANNY X-FORCE by RICK REMENDER: For those of you who want less slapstick, and more bad-assery.

This two volume run is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who’s looking for a little less silly, and a whole lot more ultra-violence in their DEADPOOL comics.

While the humor of the character remains, this is definitely a very clever, very sharp take on the Merc with the Mouth that combines with one of the best X-Men storylines in recent memory to make for a perfect comic.

UNCANNY X-FORCE is a team that Archangel has assembled to do the unthinkable: kill a kid. But, that kid is no ordinary kid, he’s the reborn APOCALYPSE, and he’s going to grow up to do some really, really bad stuff.

Of course, not too many X-Men are into something like this, but, hey, that’s where DEADPOOL in his now-famous UNCANNY X-FORCE apparel comes into play.

Great story, great art, this is a must-have!

4. DEADPOOL VOL.1 DEAD PRESIDENTS: For those of you curious about what’s going on NOW!

Looking to get into the current DEADPOOL stuff? Wanna see who’s making the MERC WITH THE MOUTH the main man to read now?

Gerry Duggan, Mike Hawthorne, and more have been consistently kicking butt and proving why they are THE Deadpool creative team to end all DEADPOOL creative teams for nearly three years now, and it all starts with DEADPOOL VOL.1 DEAD PRESIDENTS!

This killer run of DEADPOOL has incredible humor, and is rooted firmly in the modern day MARVEL UNIVERSE.

If you’re looking to get into what DEADPOOL is up to now – this is the book to read!

5. DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE: For those who like… a lot of blood! 🙂

Kicking off the now-infamous DEADPOOL KILLOGY (a trilogy consisting of DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, DEADPOOL KILLUSTRATED and DEADPOOL KILLS DEADPOOL), DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE is one of our favorite DEADPOOL graphic novels of all-time.

This killer little slab of awesome by writer CULLEN BUNN is a hilarious look at what happens when Deadpool stops listening to all the voices in his head except for one: the one that tells him to KILL!

And, from there, he goes on a rampage, literally slaughtering nearly every Marvel character you can think of!