Now Playing at Third Eye Games 1/9/21

Published January 7th, 2021

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The new HOUSE OF X Heroclix are PURE AWESOME! Get ’em this weekend!

We know we have some pretty hardcore Clix fans at Third Eye, and we know that you guys are all super stoked about the newest set: HOUSE OF X!

We’ve got plenty of boosters, and Fast Forces packs, in stock to get you started!

Come by & scoop em!

Get the next D&D Minis Premium figure: ORCUS, DEMON LORD OF UNDEATH!

Holy crap: this guy is AWESOME! We love the work that WIZKIDS has been doing with their D&D line, and this gorgeous premium mini, is a must-have!

Snag yourself a copy this weekend and find out why we’re all about it!

Cult classic fave, MR. JACK, returns with a new revised edition, and a new POCKET edition!

In Mr. Jack, one player is Jack and the other player is the Detective. The Detective has only 8 rounds to unmask Jack who is impersonating one of the 8 characters on the district board.

Jack has 2 ways to win: escape via one of the 4 exits or keep his identity secret until the game ends. The Detective has to figure out who is Jack and to accuse the suspect believed to be Jack, but only one accusation can be made during the game!

Ages: 9+
Players: 2
Game Length: 30 minutes