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Published October 31st, 2020

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Get started painting minis with new Vallejo x Wizkids sets!

We’ve seen a crazy amount of folks getting into painting minis over the last year, and for good reason: WIZKIDS is putting out some of the highest quality miniatures we’ve seen in ages, and it’s a ton of fun bringing these killer monsters and heroes to life!

Now, for those of you who’re just getting started with painting, or looking to streamline your paint set up, the new WIZKIDS x VALLEJO sets are PERFECT!

From the BASIC set to more advanced sets, we’ve got ’em all to get you painting!

7 WONDERS: Cities returns with a new edition!

We love the 7 WONDERS games, and when we saw that a new edition of the expansion, CITIES, was on the way, we knew we had to shout it out!

Add on to your 7 Wonders collection with this Cities Expansion set!

This expansion set will allow you to discover new effects and new buildings. Be careful who you interact with- alliances are made and secrets betrayed!

RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD is now a BOARD GAME! And it rules!

The year is 1981, and you’re John Rambo, just returned home from Vietnam to a country you don’t recognize. You have no friends and no place to live. You wander into the wrong town just looking for something to eat…and now you’re fighting for your life!

In First Blood, you become Rambo and make all the critical choices and alter the outcomes of your favorite 80’s action movie, First Blood!

This isn’t a typical board game.

It’s a solo narrative game experience unlike any you’ve ever played before!

On your turn you’ll choose a stance from your character sheet which gives you your actions, movement, and any other special abilities.

You’ll also be able to use unique gear and tactics cards to help you on your journey.

This game is fully dice-less, so it’s all about the narrative story and your tactical choices in this “Choose your own adventure”-like game.

A highly thematic, story-filled, tactical game where the fate of Rambo lies in your hands. Remember, one thing if you play this game…a good supply of body bags!

TIME STORIES Revolution: A Midsummer Night delivers more TIME STORIES awesomeness!

6951 AT: Discover a strange world filled with marvelous creatures, illusions, and cunningly distorted locations. In this unique adventure and this alternate reality, nothing must be misunderstood unless given kindly and respectfully.

Rediscover the TIME Stories universe with TIME Stories Revolution, a new mission’s cycle! The game rules have changed, but the Agency keeps preserving humanity and the space-time continuum.

Full and stand-alone game. A Midsummer Night is part of the TIME Stories Revolution whose missions are played in any order.

Get the new IRON HANDS WH40K Supplement today!

The Iron Hands are one with the machine. They are among the most stoic and relentless of all Adeptus Astartes, ever willing to show the superiority of their bionic augmetics in battle to prove their belief that the flesh is weak.

Inside this 64-page hardback codex supplement, you’ll find everything you need to unleash the Iron Hands in battle, plus thrilling lore and art to inspire your own collection.

WARCRY: CATACOMBS delivers an all new addition to Games Workshop’s killer WARCRY line!

Stretching beneath the surface of the Eightpoints are dungeons of vast scale and formidable complexity; bloodstained catacombs where warriors of the Dark Gods engage in brutal, claustrophobic skirmishes fought over territory, plunder or simply to earn the favour of their pitiless patrons.

Of these vast complexes, few are more fiercely contested than the infernal forge of Varanthax’s Maw.

Brutal skirmish battles. Incredible stories. The darkest depths of the Mortal Realms.

All this awaits in Warcry: Catacombs – a new starter set for the game of warband combat in the Age of Sigmar that brings a new dimension to your games.

Choose from two warbands and fight fast-paced battles, either in one-off bouts or sprawling campaigns where your fighters grow and develop.

Set up tactically deep battlefields in moments with boards, bridges, doors, and scenery pieces. Explore the depths of Chaos with new lore that sheds light on one of Warhammer’s darkest factions.