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Published December 2nd, 2021

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New Pokemon V Boxes and Decks flying onto the shelves!!

Dragonite, Hoopa and Rapid/Single Strike Urshifu have entered the ring!

Dragonite V is an intelligent and powerful Pokémon capable of circling the globe in less than a day. Trainers rarely see this Pokémon—and few are lucky enough to catch one! But at long last this sought-after Dragon-type can stand beside you with the Dragonite V Box! You’ll get the fierce but kindhearted Dragonite V in both playable and display sizes, as well as extra goodies from Pokémon TCG booster packs.

The Mythical Pokémon Hoopa has arrived as a powerful Pokémon V that’s ready to juggle rings, reach across hyperspace, and find a place in your collection! The Pokémon TCG: Hoopa V Box includes the Fusion Strike Hoopa V whose Two-Faced Ability turns it into a Psychic- and Darkness-type Pokémon as long as it’s in play (it’s normally just a Darkness type). When the time comes for Hoopa V to unleash an attack, its Shadow Impact hits for 170 damage, but in return, you must place three damage counters on one of your Pokémon.

Continue the wedding festivities with this GORGEOUS crushed velvet GIFT BUNDLE!!

Two of Innistrad’s most influential vampires are getting married – and you’re invited!Your name’s listed right under “Main Course”, but that’s probably a mistake. Embrace your inner vampire with new Blood tokens, and command double-sided creatures with the power to transform on the battlefield.

Each gift bundle comes equipped with:

Innistrad: Crimson Vow Set Booster Packs
1 Foil Alt-Art Promo Cards
20 Foil Basic Lands
20 Nonfoil Basic Lands
1 Spindown Life Counter
1 Card Storage Box

Can you stack the camels in your caravan with goods without making them topple?

In Camel Up: Off Season, each of the 3-5 players has their own caravan of four camels that can carry goods, with the camels being able to carry 3, 4, 5, and 6 goods. Goods come in four types – carpets, vases, dates, and (non-date) fruit – and these goods will be available at markets, with one more market in play than the number of players. Each double-sided market indicates how many face-up and face-down cards are placed there, in addition to the special power of that market.

At the start of a round, players bid to see who selects goods first from a market, with the bidding rules being set by the back of the topmost goods card in the deck. Whoever wins the bid pays their money to the bank, while everyone else keeps their coins. (Coins are victory points, so you might not want to throw away too many of them!)

The winning bidder chooses a market, uses the power of that market (if they wish), then takes all of the goods from that market, flips them face up (if needed), then loads the goods on their camels. A camel can hold goods of only one type, and if a goods type is on a camel, then you must continue placing that good on the same camel. Each camel has a goods limit, however, and if you exceed that limit, then you must throw away all of that type of good.

Each other player in clockwise order then chooses an unchosen market, optionally uses its power, and collects and loads its goods. Each player then has the option of selling goods from at most one camel, with each type of goods paying out in different ways:

Dates: Cards show 1-4 dates, and the more you sell at once, the more money you receive.

Carpets: Cards come in six colors, and you can’t sell the same color twice in a batch. Again, the more you sell at once, the better.

Vases: Cards come in three types (with some overlap), and you can sell only one shape at a time

Fruit: Cards come in four types worth different amounts, and you can sell only the lowest-valued fruit.

Place a 1 coin on the unchosen market, flip all the other markets, refill those markets with cards, then start the next round. When the deck runs out, complete one more round – selling once from each of your camels – then whoever has the most money wins.

Third Eye Fast Facts:

Ages: 8+
Players: 3-5
Game Length: 45 minutes

Spot it! 1, 2, 3 is BACK in this clean Reprint!

Spot it! 1, 2, 3 is a fun and rewarding way for preschoolers to learn their one, two, threes and the shapes that inhabit our world. This educational game is truly amazing! There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any two cards. Spot it to win!

Third Eye Fast Facts:

Ages: 6+
Players: 2-8
Game Length: 15 minutes

Harness the power of Lesser Gods and Demons to help you succeed!

While all gods possess power and responsibility beyond that of mortal ken, they themselves were never created equal. Not all bestrode the world like the mighty sun, or commanded the realm of the dead, or even represented all of feline kind in their regal majesty.

The lesser gods and demons knew their place, and divined that their survival would hinge on levying favor with the one patron that would dominate the cosmos when all was done. It was not a matter of followers or that their duties were of any lesser import. Yet the whims of fate and the cosmic tide had left them without grand monuments and legions of devoted followers. Such was the nature of a divine existence.

For the patron deities that grant them succor, these Guardians ply their talents in their patrons’ names, adding to their grandeur and protecting their devoted followers as their own. Serving the mighty was their truest path to enduring this war to end all wars.

The Guardians Set introduces a new set of Guardians ready to join the gods in their quest. Most of the Guardians contained in this set are terrible demons with vicious abilities the gods would much rather have at their side than used against them. The introduction of new Guardians into the game gives new options to select from, increasing the possibilities for different combinations and interactions for each game. The presence or absence of each Guardian can have a profound impact on the gameplay dynamics.

Third Eye Fast Facts:

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 90 minutes

Build your castle. Set your war machines up. Get ready to raze opponents’ fortifications. Get the Assault started!

Assault on the Castle is a dexterity game set in the Middle Ages. Players take the role of fierce Lords and Ladies to destroy opponents’ castles by using fearsome war machines. During the game, players build their castle of cards and attempt to destroy their opponents’ castles y throwing cards as ammunition. The last castle standing wins!

Combine two copies to play epic games up to eight players!

Third Eye Fast Facts:

Ages: 6+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 15-30 minutes

Games Workshop is adding two more AWESOME and LARGE kits to their Stormcast Eternals line!

With the Pact Draconis sworn between Sigmar and the drake-lords Krondys and Karazai, the Draconith set forth to fight back against a resurgent Kragnos and reclaim their ancestral lands. Some choose to bear heroic Stormcast Eternals into battle, evaluating chosen Stormcasts for weeks on end before forming a symbiotic pact between dragon and rider. Borne on powerful wings, these Stormdrake Guard swoop down on any foes unfortunate enough to get in their way, destroying hordes of lesser beings with blade, flame, and claw.

Smash through enemy lines with the might of Sigmar’s Draconith allies, bearing elite warriors of the Extremis chamber. These fast and deadly Monster units are just as capable of roasting their foes with wyrmflame as they are skewering them on the ends of lances and swords, and pose a mortal threat to enemy champions who think themselves safe behind their lines. Their ancient Draconith heritage also lends them an innate resistance to magic, frustrating the efforts of wizards who hope to twist arcane power against such noble creatures.

Long ago, before Sigmar was plucked from the heavens by the great drake Dracothion, the powerful Draconith empire was brought low at the hands of Kragnos, whose divine rampage smashed city after city until only a handful of Draconith remained. In a desperate gambit to defeat what they could not kill, the princes Krondys and Karazai enlisted the aid of the enigmatic Lord Kroak to seal Kragnos beneath a mountain, where he stayed until the Necroquake sundered his prison. With the God of Earthquakes returned, the Draconith princes have sworn the Pact Draconis with Sigmar and lead a new generation to war against the enemies of Order.

As an ancient and powerful being steeped in celestial magic, Krondys is a potent mystical force on the battlefield capable of unleashing debilitating storms on command. His magical might is matched by his prowess in melee, able to sweep entire regiments from the battlefield with a casual flick of his massive wrist, while foes are burned to ash by blazing tempests of draconic fire.

There are even more GW Goodies dropping Saturday!!

Song of Ice and Fire coming out with 3 awesome new additions!!

A Song of Ice & Fire: Frozen Shore Chariots

One does not normally connect the Wildlings north of the Wall with war machines, but Frozen Shore Chariots are surprisingly effective despite their primitive construction. Made of wood and bone, and hauled by massive wolf/hound hybrids bred for strength and ferocity, the Chariots can pull two men and an assortment of weaponry, not only towards the enemy, but often crashing straight through even hardened ranks. That said, use them with caution, for a chariot’s primary weakness lies in becoming bogged down. But a wise commander keeps their chariots mobile, delivering strike after strike through hapless enemy lines.

A Song of Ice & Fire: Free Folk Heroes #2

While most of the Seven Kingdoms believe tales of the supernatural beyond the Wall to be mere myths and legends, the Night’s Watch knows different. Direwolves, great bears, giants, and practitioners of ancient magics are very real, made even more threatening united under the banner of the Free Folk.

Mag the Mighty, Chieftain of the Giants, leads his people from the front, easily capable of smashing entire enemy ranks on his own. The giant known as Wun Wun is, if anything, even larger than Mag, and as a vanguard knows no equal.

A Song of Ice & Fire: Silenced Men

War is not a silent business. The heat of battle fills the air with shouts, war cries, and most notably death screams. That is except for the crew of House Greyjoy’s warship Silence. Comprised entirely of mutes, battling against Silenced Men proves unsettling even to disciplined troops, for in death they utter no sound. While wearing only light armor, the Silenced Men wield honed greataxes, capable of sundering through heavy plate with ease, and their speed suits them for flanking maneuvers or to charge exposed or weakened ranks. Guard against them well, for their maneuvers will come without the slightest warning or sound.


IG-100 Magnaguards

Protect key Separatist personnel with the IG-100 MagnaGuards Unit Expansion! These implacable droids are programmed as unflinching bodyguards for key Separatist commanders like General Grievous and Count Dooku. Armed with deadly electrostaffs and precision blaster pistols, the menacing MagnaGuards will continue to fight after losing limbs – or even their head!

NR-N99 Persuader-class Tank Droid

Protect key Separatist personnel with the IG-100 MagnaGuards Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion! These implacable droids are programmed as unflinching bodyguards for key Separatist commanders like General Grievous and Count Dooku. Armed with deadly electrostaffs and precision blaster pistols, the menacing MagnaGuards will continue to fight after losing limbs– or even their head!

Infantry Support Platform

Battle in any environment with the Infantry Support Platform Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion! An immense rear-mounted turbofan and powerful repulsors make this a true all-terrain vehicle, helping the Republic meet its foes on any battlefield. Featuring armaments that punch significantly above its weight, its paired pilots can direct each weapon individually, or link them together to take on larger prey.

There’s TONS more GOODIES not on this newsletter. Come in, explore or give us a phone call and we can explore for you!! <3