New Comics return on 4/22/20 & 4/29/20 with DC Comics, Scout Comics, and more!

Published April 17th, 2020

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Need your NEW COMIC DAY fix? We’ve got you covered! Find out about the return of NEW COMICS on Wednesday 4/22/20 and 4/29/20

Third Eye Faithful, we know you’re itching for your next round of new releases, and we’re eager to help make it happen!

As many of you know, the printing process was temporarily stopped due to the challenges of COVID-19.

However, you know us, Third Eye Faithful: where there’s a will, there’s a way, and we’ve been busting our butts to help bring YOU some brand new releases to help tide you over while stuck inside!

The first NEW COMIC DAY since COVID-19 shutdowns began is WEDNESDAY 4/22/20 — with new releases from SCOUT COMICS, SOURCE POINT PRESS and more!

Third Eye Faithful: first off — on Wednesday 4/22/20, we’ve gotten in touch with some of our publishing partners, and will have brand new releases from publishers like SCOUT COMICS, SOURCE POINT PRESS, and more, available to hook you up on New Comic Wednesday 4/22/20!

We’ll be highlighting all of those titles this week coming up in our weekly THIS WEEK’S HIGHLIGHTS blog AND giving you the ability to order them for home delivery or mail order!

And, then on 4/29/20 — DC Comics returns to the racks with all new releases, and kicking back into a normal weekly schedule, paving the way for the return of ALL new comics sometime in mid-May!

Click here to browse the 4/29/20 releases, and pre-order now!

And, then following hot on the heels of 4/22/20, is Wednesday 4/29/20, which will be bringing a modest yet totally killer line-up of DC Comics releases to you, and even more importantly, will be resuming weekly releases from DC Comics!

On top of that – this just sets the stage and paves the way for the return of ALL new comics from all the publishers later in May!

But in the meantime, you’ll have your pals here at Third Eye bringing you weekly releases from DC Comics, Scout Comics, Source Point Press, and many others!

OK, so the whole COVID-19 thing has been a little confusing with new comics — what’s the scoop? Read our FAQ here!

So, there’s been no new comics since the week of 3/25/20? Correct. The printers had shutdown, along with many of our distributors, and as such, comics were put on a hiatus.

How about new graphic novels? I know you guys have been getting those, right? Absolutely – at Third Eye, we use a variety of distributors, and when we learned of the COVID-19 challenges, we quickly switched gears to another provider to keep new graphic novels coming for you guys.

OK, so now new comics are resuming? Gradually – much like the rest of the nation – this is a slow return, with publishers gradually returning back into rotation. Why is it a big deal? The return of DC Comics definitely signals that we’re very close to the return of ALL weekly new comics, and that’s why we waited until their announcement to bring NEW COMIC DAY back to Third Eye!

So, 4/22/20 is the official first NEW COMIC DAY since COVID-19 – what’ll be available? We’ll be highlighting all of those books in our weekly newsletter and our blog here at, but they’re from great rising star indie publishers like SCOUT COMICS, SOURCEPOINT PRESS, and more.

And, then 4/29/20, we get DC Comics — and more Indies, right? You bet!

What about the rest of the publishers, and of course, our pals at Marvel? The rest of the publishers are set to resume shipping mid-to-late May, and that includes Marvel, from what we know.

But, you’re currently getting graphic novels from all the publishers, including Marvel, right? We are! And you can see them every week on our blog and newsletter, beginning with 4/22/20’s shipment! 🙂

I have a Third Eye Pullbox – do I need to pre-order DC Comics via the link above or below? Nope, you can still manage your pullbox subscriptions like normal at The books will be auto-dropped into your pull box right when they release.

I don’t have a Third Eye Pullbox, but I love your store — and this is the extra motivation I needed to set up a box; how do I do that? 🙂 EASY! Go to, and just follow the registration instructions. It’s a free service we provide to pull and hold your favorite comics each and every week!

I don’t want to subscribe to DC titles, but I want to make sure I get ’em, especially with how weird the COVID-19 situation has made distribution — what’s the best way to do that? EASY! We’ll be putting up each weeks titles every Friday for pre-order, so you can pre-order the Friday prior. We’re even giving you an early head-start with the ones releasing 4/29/20! 🙂