This Week’s Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 9/2/20

Published August 30th, 2020

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HELLBLAZER RISE & FALL #1 on the DC Black Label imprint drops this week, and delivers THE best Hellblazer since the Vertigo days — do NOT sleep on this one!

From the writer of DCEASED, Tom Taylor, and the artist of THE BOYS, Darick Robertson!

Third Eye Faithful, we’re all children of the ’80s and ’90s here, and we grew up in the ’90s reading a TON of Vertigo books, and one of those was the incredible HELLBLAZER series featuring superstars like GARTH ENNIS, BRIAN AZZARELLO, JAMIE DELANO and more.

And, we gotta tell ya: it’s been a minute since a series has really lived up to those grisly Vertigo classics — but this weeks RISE AND FALL, from DC’s BLACK LABEL imprint, explodes this week at Third Eye, and we’re super pumped to tell you all about it!

A billionaire falls out of the sky and is gruesomely skewered on a church spire. Bizarrely, Angel Wings are attached to his back. More follow until, hallelujah, it’s raining businessmen.

Detective Aisha Bukhari is stumped by this, until she’s visited by her childhood friend, occult investigator John Constantine. DC’s Hellblazer discovers a link between the falling elite and a shocking moment in his and Aisha’s misspent youth.

How do these killings tie to the first death on John’s hands?

How does this involve heaven and hell?

Even if this is kind of John’s fault, will Constantine be happy to let a few more rich bastards fall from the sky, like a vindictive Robin Hood?

It’s an all-new DC Black Label mystery starring John Constantine in his very first tale spun by acclaimed writer Tom Taylor (DCeased) and artist Darick Robertson (The Boys)!

Make sure you get the HELLBLAZER RISE & FALL #1 Cover B by BATMAN DAMNED artist LEE BERMEJO!

We LOVE this cover B variant to HELLBLAZER RISE & FALL by superstar LEE BERMEJO (BATMAN DAMNED), and you can snag one of these at normal cover price while supplies last this week at Third Eye!

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EMPYRE #6 concludes the incredible hit MARVEL event, and sets the stage for the KING IN BLACK!

We’ve loved every second of the mega-blockbuster storyline, EMPYRE, which takes classic Bronze Age era MARVEL concepts, like the KREE-SKRULL WAR, THE CELESTIAL MADONNA, and more, and puts a modern spin on them!

Now, EMPYRE comes to its close, and takes us into one of the most anticipated Marvel events since the INFINITY GAUNTLET: the KING IN BLACK!

In EMPYRE #6, there can be only one King of Space—and it’s the last liege standing!

But as combat rages on, the clock ticks down to catastrophe! Will the ultimate interstellar weapon fry planet Earth before or after all sentient life on the planet is wiped out?

The Avengers and the Fantastic Four are tested as never before—as EMPYRE comes to a pulse-pounding finish!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-5 in stock to get you current!

Click here to read our THIRD EYE GUIDE TO EMPYRE!

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MARVEL ZOMBIES RESURRECTION #1 kicks off a 4-part story, introducing the biggest threat since THE BLACK WINTER debuted in THOR… THE HUNGER COSMIC!

OK, Third Eye Faithful: we’re gonna tell ya now — we love whenever there’s a killer take on the world of MARVEL ZOMBIES, and this may be the biggest MZ since the original took us all by storm.

In this new mini-series, a killer new concept — the HUNGER COSMIC — is introduced, which may be the most chilling and potentially massive debut since THOR’S THE BLACK WINTER.

When the corpse of Galactus reaches planet Earth carrying a cannibalistic virus, Spider–Man and a ragtag group of heroes struggle to save survivors and uncover the truth!

Collect all 5 MARVEL ZOMBIES RESURRECTION #1 cover price Covers with our THIRD EYE THE DEAD WALK Bundle for just $24.99 — saving you 15% OFF NORMAL COVER PRICE!

This book is launching with a TON of killer alternate covers, and we wanted to help you collect ’em all AND save a few bucks in the process!

You can snag all 5 cover price MARVEL ZOMBIES RESURRECTION #1 variants for just $24.99 — and save 15% off the normal cover price!

Click here to pre-order your bundle for in-store pick up at your local Third Eye location, or for mail order!

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Holy crap: how massive is JOKER WAR? This storyline has really proven to be one of the best journeys into the BATMAN mythos in a minute, and we’re loving every second of it!

In this weeks BATMAN #98,  Batman is at his most vulnerable following a massive dose of an experimental new Joker toxin.

With the Dark Knight haunted by demons and visions, it’s up to Harley Quinn to protect him while he recovers—because Punchline is on her way!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 95-97, chapters 1-3, along with all the tie-ins to JOKER WAR, in stock to get you current!


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WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEY’RE DEAD #1 delivers another home-run must-read from BOOM STUDIOS, publishers of SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN, SEVEN SECRETS, and more, from superstar AL EWING (IMMORTAL HULK)

We’re super pumped to be seeing the launch of another must-read BOOM ongoing series with WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEY’RE DEAD #1, a brand new must-read sci-fi masterpiece from IMMORTAL HULK writer AL EWING!

For fans of Decorum and Something is Killing the Children comes a new sci-fi epic from Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk) and Simone Di Meo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) on the edge of space where humanity is harvesting the corpses of giant alien gods to survive.

No one has ever seen a living god, but Captain Malik is obsessed with being the first.

Captain Malik and the crew of the Vihaan II harvest the only resources that matter from the giant corpses of alien gods found on the edge of human space.

While other autopsy ships race to salvage the meat, minerals, and metals that sustain the human race, Malik sees an opportunity to finally break free from this system.

But Malik’s obsession with the gods will push his crew into the darkest reaches of space, bringing them face to face with a threat unlike anything they’ve ever imagined – unless the rogue agent on their trail can stop them first…

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GREEN ARROW LONGBOW HUNTERS OMNIBUS collects the epic MIKE GRELL run of GA that redefined the character, and established just how awesome the GREEN ARROW can be! Snag this piece of comic history in its entirety this week at Third Eye!

One of the most iconic takes on the GREEN ARROW, and heck, the DC UNIVERSE as a whole, is Mike Grell’s amazing LONGBOW HUNTERS run of Green Arrow, and now, you can own the whole damn thing where ol’ Ollie went from trick arrows with boxing gloves on ’em to razor-sharp killers, in one massive, gorgeous omnibus edition!

In the late 1980s, writer/artist Mike Grell took Green Arrow in a bold new direction, starting when Oliver Queen gives up his trick arrows and settles down in Seattle with Dinah Lance.

But Ollie’s world collides with one of unspeakable violence involving the beautiful and mysterious archer known as Shado.

In these tales, Green Arrow hunts down a child killer, races to find a lost biological weapon before Chinese spies can find it, and much more!

This omnibus collects Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1-3, Green Arrow #1-50, and a story from Secret Origins #38, plus an all-new introduction and cover by Mike Grell and an afterword by series editor Mike Gold.

BLACK WIDOW #1 kicks off an all new ongoing series for the Black Widow!

One of the coolest characters in the Marvel Universe has gotta be the BLACK WIDOW, and we’re super pumped to see a brand new BLACK WIDOW series kicking off this week at Third Eye!

In the new BLACK WIDOW series, Natasha Romanoff has been a spy almost as long as she’s been alive.

And she’s never stopped running, whether she was working for the good guys…or the bad. But Natasha’s world is about to be upended.

Beyond San Francisco’s Golden Gate lies a mystery that only the Marvel Universe’s greatest spy can solve.

Don’t miss the heartbreaking thrill ride of 2020!

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DEMON SLAYER VOL.16 delivers the next installment in the incredible manga series!

We’re so in love with this manga, it’s ridiculous, and this weeks volume 16, delivers another epic read!

Tanjiro goes to see the Stone Hashira, Himejima, who intends to prepare him for the battles to come.

The training to become a Hashira-a high-ranking member of the Demon Slayer Corps-is intense and demanding, and earning Himejima’s approval seems impossible, but Tanjiro won’t give up!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got volumes 1-15 in stock to get you current!

DCEASED DEAD PLANET #3 drops this Wednesday, delivering the next big issue of the incredible dark ELSEWORLDS DCU epic!

We’re loving the 28 DAYS LATER by way of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS awesomeness that’s going down in the DCEASED series, and this week’s DEAD PLANET #3 arrives, delivering another must-read!

A mysterious second “garden” has been located on the other side of the planet, and John Constantine and Swamp Thing lead a mission to investigate…but what they discover will fundamentally change everything!

The road to “Earth War” begins!

Wana get caught up? We’ve got issues 1 & 2 in stock to get you current!

Make sure you snag the DCEASED DEAD PLANET #3 V FOR. VENDETTA Movie Homage variant while supplies last!

We love the movie cover homage variants they’re doing on each issue of the DCEASED books, and this weeks DEAD PLANET #3 features a killer one with DCEASED DEAD PLANET #3 paying homage to V FOR VENDETTA!

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Robert Kirkman’s (INVINCIBLE, WALKING DEAD) new series FIRE POWER, continues to impress with this weeks FIRE POWER #3!

We’re LOVING this book, and this weeks issue #3 delivers another slam dunk of a great read!

Things just keep getting worse for Owen, as it becomes clear that he cannot protect his family from his past.

Whether he likes it or not, he’s going to have to face who he is, what he’s done-and who he’s meant to be…before it’s too late!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1 & 2 in stock to get you current!

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GRENDEL KY #1 kicks off a must-read horror crime read that’s like SOUTHERN BASTARDS or NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN meets THE WICKER MAN!

For two generations, the rural hill town of Grendel, Kentucky has honored its Faustian bargain with the monster living in its abandoned coal mine: a human sacrifice every season in return for agrarian prosperity the likes of which this rocky region had never before seen (including its greatest cash crop: the dankest weed in the land).

When one town elder breaks this pact, Grendel’s only hope is that its prodigal daughter will return home to face down the creature of her nightmares-and bring her all-female biker gang with her.

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HORIZON ZERO DAWN #2 continues the new comic series expanding on the world of the video game!

We’re huge fans of the HORIZON ZERO DAWN game, and we’re loving the new comic series set in the HORIZON ZERO DAWN world!

In issue #2, Alloy and Talanah return in a new story set after the events of the game!

Wanna jump on? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you on board!

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ICE CREAM MAN #20 delivers all new cover art with a new 2nd printing, and a new DR. SEUSS Ice Cream Man homage cover!

The Seuss homage on ICE CREAM MAN #20 was so popular that they did a brand new cover paying homage to Seuss in a different way with this weeks issue #20!

If you’ve never read this great horror anthology — please, give it a shot! One of our big favorites right now!

Image debuts one of their most exciting new series yet with INKBLOT #1 this Wednesday – a killer new modern fantasy read with gorgeous art!

Third-generation comic artist EMMA KUBERT partners with up-and-coming creator RUSTY GLADD to deliver a high-fantasy epic!

This new ONGOING SERIES follows a powerful sorceress attempting to correct her greatest mistake-the creation of a magical cat that can travel through time, space, and reality.

The cat threatens to unravel the fabric of the universe, doesn’t care, and just won’t listen!

This book has it all — killer, world-traveling modern fantasy, gorgeous art, and an adorable cat — how can you go wrong!

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LONELY RECEIVER #1 delivers a chilling new horror / break-up comic that is a must read!

Catrin Vander, a lonely video producer, buys an Artificial Intelligence partner that’s meant to bond for life.

After ten years together, her holographic wife suddenly discon-nects without a warning.

The breakup drives Catrin to the point of near insanity.

She’s alone for the first time in years and reeling from a loss she can’t comprehend. 

Set in the new future, drenched in pastels and sunshine, LONELY RECEIVER is a horror/breakup story in five parts. Written by Zac Thompson (UNDONE BY BLOOD, THE REPLACER, HER INFERNAL DESCENT, No One’s Rose, X-Men) and illustrated in color by Jen Hickman (MOTH & WHISPER, Test). 

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Holy crap, we got some serious Donny Cates fans here at Third Eye, and hey: we don’t blame you — Cates is AMAZING! And his THOR has been freakin’ phenomenal!

This week, we’re seeing a brand new printing of issue #5, a pivotal issue in the run, and it features all new cover art, that is so damn dope — you may want to get two of these.

Snag yours this week while supplies last!

Star Trek: Hell’s Mirror delivers a must-read Star Trek: TOS era one-shot!

Legendary writer J.M. DeMatteis returns to Star Trek for the first time in nearly 40 years!

And it’ll be well worth the wait, as he tackles two of the franchise’s most popular concepts: Khan Noonien Singh and the Mirror Universe!

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KAMI GARCIA & GABRIEL PICOLO reunite on their next TEEN TITANS graphic novel, with TEEN TITANS: BEAST BOY – a follow up to last year’s RAVEN!

We gotta tell you: one of the true standouts of the DC INK line-up has gotta be TEEN TITANS RAVEN, and we’re so pumped to see the next in the series arriving with this weeks BEAST BOY!

Author Kami Garcia and artist Gabriel Picolo, the creative duo behind the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller Teen Titans: Raven, take you on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, while reminding us the value of true friendship—especially when life gets wild.
Garfield Logan has spent his entire life being overlooked.

Even in a small town like Eden, Georgia, the 17-year-old with green streaks in his hair can’t find a way to stand out—and the clock is ticking. Senior year is almost over.

If Gar doesn’t find a way to impress the social elite at Bull Creek High School, he will never know what it’s like to matter.

Gar’s best friends, Stella and Tank, can’t understand why he cares what other people think, and they miss their funny, pizza-loving, video game-obsessed best friend.

Then Gar accepts a wild dare out of the blue.

It impresses the popular kids, and his social status soars.

But other things are changing, too. Gar grows six inches overnight. His voice drops, and suddenly, he’s stronger and faster.

He’s finally getting everything he wanted, but his newfound popularity comes at a price. Gar has to work harder to impress his new friends.

The dares keep getting bigger, and the stakes keep getting higher.

When Gar realizes the extent of his physical changes, he has to dig deep and face the truth about himself—and the people who truly matter—before his life spirals out of control.

VENOM #27 delivers a 2nd printing on the red hot issue, featuring all new cover art — and it’s a must-have for your VENOM collection!

Just like THOR, the Cates VENOM run has been non-stop awesome, and just like THOR, many of you are just like us and are snapping up those extra printings and new covers like hotcakes!

Make sure you snag this new 2nd printing of VENOM #27 while supplies last this week!

Ben Percy’s incredible WOLVERINE run continues with WOLVERINE #5 this Wednesday!

Every single issue of the new WOLVERINE run has been a must-read, and we’re loving every freakin’ second of it.

This week, issue #5, delivers more awesomeness, and continues the road to X OF SWORDS!

In the snowbound darkness of the north, Wolverine is the prisoner of Dracula. By forming an unlikely alliance, Logan fights back. Stakes, claws, tricked-out snowmobiles and wintry mayhem await you.

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-4 in stock to get you current!

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