This Week’s Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 7/21/21

Published July 14th, 2021

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EMILIA CLARKE (DAENERYS FROM GAME OF THRONES) brings her comic vision to life with MOTHER OF MADNESS #1!

Game of Thrones superstar EMILIA CLARKE debuts an EXTRA-LENGTH, THREE-ISSUE MINISERIES! The mayhem begins with Maya, under-the-weather scientist by day, over-the-top superhero by night, and badass single mom 24/7. Deadpool action and Fleabag comedy collide when Maya activates her freakish superpowers to take on a secret sect of human traffickers. Mature readers only!

Comedy and chaos await in the first of three 40-page issues by the glamorous artist of Horde, LEILA LEIZ!

Snag all the MOTHER OF MADNESS covers with our MOM #1 Third Eye Cover Bundles!

There’s some super sick variants on MOM #1, and we’ve put together a ton of options to help you pre-order them all!

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MOON KNIGHT #1 brings the return of the fan-favorite anti-hero this Wednesday!

The mysterious Mr. Knight has opened his Midnight Mission, his people petitioning for protection from the weird and horrible.

The Moon Knight stalks the rooftops and alleys marked with his crescent moon tag, bringing violence to any who would harm his people. Marc Spector, in whichever guise he dons, is back on the streets, a renegade priest of an unworthy god. But while Khonshu languishes in a prison that Moon Knight put him in, Moon Knight must still observe his duty: protecting those who travel at night. 
Let it be known – Moon Knight will keep the faith.

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GRANT MORRISON returns with their most exciting work in ages with SUPERMAN AND THE AUTHORITY — this is THE best take on the cult favorite AUTHORITY characters since the era of Ellis & Millar, and Morrison (ALL STAR SUPERMAN) bringing their magic to Supes again is HUGE!

Holy crap, Third Eye Faithful: this book is going to be one of our top picks for sure, it was THAT freakin’ good!

First: you got comics legend, GRANT MORRISON, one of the most exciting comics to grace the comics pages in the modern age returning to a character they defined so well with ALL STAR SUPERMAN!

Secondly: you’ve got the incredible artwork of Mikel Janin (BATMAN) bringing the book to life!

Third: it brings the grand return of the AUTHORITY, and gives us the best take on the cult fav characters since the days of the Millar and Ellis runs!

Sometimes even Superman finds a task almost impossible. Sometimes even the Last Son of Krypton needs to enlist help. Some tasks require methods and heroes that don’t scream Justice League.

So Clark Kent, the Metropolis Marvel, seeks out Manchester Black, the most dastardly of rogues, to form an all-new Authority tasked with taking care of some business on the sly.

Not only will Black know the right candidates for the team, but if Superman can make him behave himself and act in service of the greater good, then he’ll prove literally anyone can be a hero!

They’ll have to move quickly, however, as the Ultra-Humanite forms his own team to take out the Man of Steel. This new limited series helps launch an all-new Superman status quo, setting up story elements that reverberate across both Action Comics and Superman: Son of Kal-El in the months to come.

And not only is Superman putting together a superstar team, but it takes superstars to tell the tale: Grant Morrison (The Green Lantern, All-Star Superman) and Mikel Janin (Batman, Future State: Superman: Worlds of War)!

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The WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS Jabba the Hutt #1 one-shot continues the WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTER!

JABBA THE HUTT is one of the most powerful and ruthless gangsters in the galaxy-and BOBA FETT, his most trusted bounty hunter, has failed him. How will Jabba deal with betrayal? VIOLENTLY.

And what does this have to do with a bounty hunter with ties to the HIGH REPUBLIC?

Justina Ireland and Luca Pizzari’s hutt-sized spectacular is the first of four action-packed “War of the Bounty Hunters” tie-ins about the criminal underworld’s most notorious hunters and scoundrels, all told by the best Star Wars writers and illustrators in the galaxy. 

Click here for our Third Eye Guide to the WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS!

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BLUE & GOLD #1 brings the return of BOOSTER GOLD & BLUE BEETLE this new comic day!

Desperate to regain the spotlight, Booster Gold looks to attract the public’s (and Justice League’s) attention the same way any washed-up, second-rate hero would-social media.

The not-so-tech-savvy hero from the 25th century enlists the help of his best friend, Blue Beetle, who possesses both the money and the brains to help his old pal navigate the scary world of internet influencers. Watch out, evildoers, our heroes are live and online!

Don’t miss Dan Jurgens’s triumphant return to Booster Gold with the help of all-star artist Ryan Sook (Legion of Super-Heroes), telling a tale filled with heart and maybe even redemption for DC’s two favorite underdogs!

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NIGHTWING #81 features a must-have 2nd printing with super dope new variant cover!

Sometimes a cover alone can sell us on a book — but add it to one of the quickest rising favorite runs we’ve got right now, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a must-have!

This new printing of NIGHTWING #81 features an excellent new variant cover that you gotta have!

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SHAZAM #1 brings the return of the iconic DCU hero this new comic day!

Billy Batson came to Titans Academy looking for answers.

Why was the rest of his adopted family cut off from the power of Shazam? Why are his own powers becoming increasingly unreliable?

The answers send Billy on an outrageous adventure that’ll not only change him but have an immense impact on the school and other students on Titans Island.

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IT’S Harry Potter meets One Punch Man with the all new manga MASHLE: Magic & Muscles volume 1!

In the magic realm, magic is everything-everyone can use it, and one’s social status is determined by their skill level. Deep in the forest, oblivious to the ways of the world, lives Mash.

Thanks to his daily training, he’s become a fitness god, but he harbors a secret that could turn his life upside down-he can’t use magic! When he’s found out, rather than his life being over, he’s unexpectedly enrolled in magic school, where he must beat the competition!

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NOTTINGHAM #5 delivers the grand finale to the killer indie hit that showcases Robin Hood as a vicious serial killer, and the Sheriff of Nottingham as the anti-her who has to hunt him down!

Everything comes to a boil and Sheriff comes face to face with Hood and the rest of the Merry Men.

Witness the conclusion to the first arc of the smash hit series!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-4 in stock to get you current!

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The 2nd issue of Tom King’s SUPERGIRL WOMAN OF TOMORROW arrives with SUPERGIRL WOMAN OF TOMORROW #2, and continues this gorgeous, and incredible new series!

After the shocking conclusion of last issue, Supergirl and her new friend Ruthye find themselves stranded with no way to pursue Krem, the murderous kingsagent. Each moment this fugitive roams free, the more beings become dangerously close to dying by his hand.

There is no time to lose, so our heroes must now travel across the universe the old-fashioned way…by cosmic bus!

Little do they know, their journey will be a dark one filled with terrors that not even the Maid of Might is prepared to face! Can Kara Zor-El lie low long enough to ensure their safe passage?

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issue 1 in stock to get you current!

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SKYBOUND X #3 delivers another must-read issue of the new series spotlighting Robert Kirkman’s incredible worlds, including RICK GRIMES 2000!

The third chapter of RICK GRIMES 2000! Plus, a rip-roaring MURDER FALCON throwdown, a spotlight on ASSASSIN NATION fan-favorite, F*ck Tarkington, and the latest installment of the greatest genius canine adventurer, SCIENCE DOG!

Wanna get into it? We’ve got issues 1 & 2 in stock to get you current!

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THE PUNISHER: RETURN TO BIG NOTHING EPIC COLLECTION delivers some of the most classic PUNISHER comics in one massive slab of awesome!

Don’t call him Big Nothing! In an acclaimed graphic novel, the Punisher has a run-in with an old sergeant that takes him back to his Vietnam days – but now they’re on opposite sides!

Then a fed-up Frank Castle targets corporate corruption – with a nuclear submarine!

But when super villains wreak havoc with “Acts of Vengeance,” the Punisher takes on a very unfamiliar foe: Doctor Doom! Frank gives his confession, hears a murderer’s sins and goes undercover to end a motorcycle gang’s reign of terror – but he’ll need a high-tech solution to battle the cyborg Reavers!

Plus: Money launderers, drug pushers and a murderous secret society are punished in Frank’s relentless war on crime! Collecting PUNISHER (1987) #26-34 and ANNUAL #3, CLASSIC PUNISHER #1, EPIC GRAPHIC NOVEL: PUNISHER – RETURN TO BIG NOTHING, MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL: PUNISHER – 

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EXTERME CARNAGE PHAGE #1 delivers a must-read installment to the EXTREME CARNAGE saga!

After the shocking revelations of EXTREME CARNAGE: SCREAM, Carnage sets its sights on the PHAGE symbiote. Carnage isn’t the only familiar face on the board though!

After a rendezvous with his student, Andi Benton, FLASH THOMPSON is back and ready for a fight!

We’re loving the exploration of the Marvel symbiotes in this new must-read event!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got all the chapters out so far in stock!

Click here for our Third Eye Guide to EXTREME CARNAGE!

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Classic Stan Lee & Steve Ditko DOCTOR STRANGE returns to print with the new DOCTOR STRANGE Master of the Mystic Arts Epic Collections!

A vain man driven by greed and hubris, Dr. Stephen Strange was a world-renowned surgeon until the night a car accident crippled his hands.

Broken and destitute, he journeyed to Tibet to seek a cure from a legendary healer. There he found not a man of medicine, but the venerable Ancient One – and the path to the mystic arts!

From Doctor Strange’s eerie Greenwich Village home, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created new dimensions and otherworldly terrors unlike anything seen before.

These classic first stories remain as influential today as they were to 1960s counterculture. In this premiere volume, experience the debut of iconic characters Baron Mordo, Eternity, Dormammu and the Mindless Ones – as well as Strange’s allies Wong and Clea!

Collecting material from STRANGE TALES (1951) #110-111 and #114-146 and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #2.

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BERMUDA #1 delivers a killer new fantasy series from John Layman (CHEW), and Nick Bradshaw (Spider-Man)!

resenting a fantastic new adventure by New York Times best selling and multiple-Eisner award winning writer John Layman (Chew, Detective) and eye-popping, mind-blowing art by Nick Bradshaw (Spider-Man, Wolverine).

There’s a region in the Atlantic Ocean where planes disappear, ships are lost, and traveling souls go missing… never to be heard from again. And there’s an island within this place, mysterious and uncharted, untouched by time and civilization, where all who are lost end up-human or other!

Bermuda lives here. She’s 16, scrappy, and living on this insane and wondrous jungle island-fighting at every turn to survive-is the only life she has ever known. She can handle the dinosaurs, the pirates, the crazed soldiers, dark magicians, and strange monsters.

But the weird new kid who washes ashore just may be the biggest challenge Bermuda has ever faced-as he drags her along on a perilous rescue mission she wants no part of… and he’s likely to be the death of both of them!

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