This Week’s Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 7/1/20

Published June 28th, 2020

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We return to the world of the WALKING DEAD in the new NEGAN LIVES one-shot this Wednesday — don’t miss this!

Third Eye Faithful, you don’t need us to tell you gotta have this one: you already know.

But ,we’ll say this: holy crap — was this an incredible read.

We know Robert Kirkman ended the WALKING DEAD, but this surprise return featuring one of the coolest characters in the story, is a MUST-READ.

Do not sleep on it this week!

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WOLVERINE & YEAR ZERO writer BEN PERCY delivers his most chilling work yet with the TRUE CRIME serial killer epic DEVIL’S HIGHWAY!

Ben Percy (Wolverine) and Brent Schoonover (Batman ’66) present a nerve-racking thriller examining murder in the dark underbelly of America’s heartland.

A young woman with a dark family secret embarks on a quest to hunt down the serial killer that brutally murdered her father – only to discover he is just one piece of a national network of evil that snakes across the country and hides in plain sight.

To catch the devil she must first embrace the darkness within.

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Robert Kirkman, writer of INVINCIBLE and WALKING DEAD, debuts his newest smash hit alongside the incredible talent of Chris Samnee (DAREDEVIL, THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER) with FIREPOWER!

We’re huge fans of Robert Kirkman, and his work on epics like INVINCIBLE, THE WALKING DEAD and more, and when we saw he had something new on the way with one of our personal favorite artists at Third Eye, Chris Samnee, we knew we were in for a real treat.

Owen Johnson’s journey to China to learn about his birth parents eventually leads him to a mysterious Shaolin Temple.

The students there study to rediscover the Fire Power, the lost art of throwing fireballs. A

power they claim will be needed soon to save the world. Will Owen Johnson be the first person in a thousand years to wield the FIRE POWER?