This Week’s Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 6/23/21

Published June 20th, 2021

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SPAWN UNIVERSE #1 delivers a special one-shot kicking off THE perfect place to start reading SPAWN, with new characters introduced, the kick-off for major storylines, and so much more!


A double-sized issue that begins a storyline so huge that three NEW SPAWN-related monthly titles will spill out from it, including…

A new SPAWN title.
And a new TEAM book bringing a handful of these characters together in their own book.

With this one-shot…the world of SPAWN changes forever! New heroes. New villains, and more!

Collect all the SPAWN UNIVERSE #1 Covers this week at Third Eye!

There’s a TON of sick covers for SPAWN UNIVERSE, and we’ve got ’em all at Third Eye this week!

You can snag ’em in-store, or pre-order here for pick-up at any Third Eye or mail-order!

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BATMAN: REPTILIAN #1 delivers a must-read new BATMAN mini-series from the legendary creator behind PREACHER & THE BOYS, Garth Ennis — and introduces a killer new villain!

What strikes fear into the hearts of those who terrorize Gotham? It used to be Batman, but something far more frightening than a mere man stalks the shadows—and it’s after Gotham’s villains. How savage must a monster be to haunt the dreams of monsters?

Pick up this dark and bone-chilling tale by comics legends Garth Ennis and Liam Sharp to find out!

Third Eye Faithful: do NOT sleep on this one, trust us!

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CHECKMATE #1 reunites the legendary DAREDEVIL creative team of BENDIS & MALEEV in the spy / thriller driven taken on the DC Universe!

The dark forces of Leviathan have torn through the DC Universe, and now no one can be trusted. No one…not even the person writing to you about this book!

That’s why you find out in Justice League #63 that Green Arrow has been secretly funding a group called CHECKMATE because not even the Justice League itself can be trusted.

The mysterious MR. KING has helped Green Arrow assemble the greatest team of super—spies the world has ever seen!

LOIS LANE, THE QUESTION, ROBIN, STEVE TREVOR, MANHUNTER, BONES, and TALIA Ah GHUL! will have to outsmart the smartest people in the world before they destroy everything!

PLUS! A new mystery character is tip toeing though the shadows! They call him…the DAEMON ROSE! And he is hunting Lois Lane right under Superman’s nose! It’s an all–new spine-chilling thriller from the Eisner Award-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev!

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In the spirit of classics like 52, COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS, and more — INFINITE FRONTIER #1 smashes into the shop, setting up for the biggest thing to hit the DC Universe yet! Pure multiverse-fueled mayhem!

Where to go after DEATH METAL? This is it!

When our heroes saved the Muliverse from Perpetua in Dark Nights: Death Metal, everything was put back where it belonged…and we do mean everything.

All the damage from all the Crises was undone, and heroes long thought gone returned from whatever exile they had been in. Most of them, at least.

Alan Scott, the Green Lantern from the Justice Society of America, has noticed some of his allies are still missing in action, and he’s determined to find them.

There are others, though, who would rather remain hidden than explain themselves, like Roy Harper, a.k.a. Arsenal, a man who should be dead but now is not.

Plus, what does all this mean for the DCU’s place in the Multiverse? On opposite sides of a dimensional divide, both Barry Allen and President Superman ponder this question.

Not to mention the Darkseid of it all! Or a team of Multiversal heroes called Justice Incarnate!

Click here to read all about INFINITE FRONTIER!

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Jump in the unique world created by legendary artist Run following Angelino and his flaming-skull pal Vinz, who live in a gang and cockroach infested dystopian metropolis called DMC, a city that hides secrets even weirder than its inhabitants.

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SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN #17 serves up the next big issue of the red hot BOOM STUDIOS series from DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH writer James Tynion IV!

What turned young Erica into the monster hunter she is today?

Discover Erica Slaughter’s true origin as she is further initiated into the House of Slaughter. But will she be sorted into the prestigious White Room, or the dreaded Black Room with her new nemesis Aaron?

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got the trade paperbacks in stock to hook you up!

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ROBIN #3 continues one of the hottest new DC Comics launches of 2021!

Josh Williamson & Gleb Melnikov are serving up one of the most exciting new DC ongoing series of 2021, and it continues to get better and better in this weeks issue #3!

It’s a beach party from hell! Robin’s mission to get to the heart of the League of Lazarus’s inner workings has left him once again locked in combat with his fellow fighters, but never did Damian Wayne think it would lead to a beach-blanket cookout.

What’s more dangerous than a life-or-death struggle for the all-or-nothing prize of immortality?

Well, for Damian, it’s acting like a normal teenager for five minutes. And don’t miss the surprise confrontation with Damian’s number 1 competition, a mysterious fighter trained by the League of Shadows!

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WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS continues with the next big chapter in Darth Vader #13 this Wednesday!

DARTH VADER and OCHI OF BESTOON embark upon a search for the carbonite-frozen body of HAN SOLO. 

Get ready for intrigue, betrayal and action in the heart of HUTT SPACE with the explosive reappearance of EVERYONE’S FAVORITE ASSASSIN DROID, IG-88! 

..And a shocking cliffhanger brings the shadows to life!


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STRAY DOGS continues to deliver a unique blend of anthromorphic storytelling and pure horror from IMAGE COMICS with STRAY DOGS #5! A must-read!

Time’s up. No more sniffing around, no more barking, no more hiding. The dogs have to get out of this house. Now. But standing between them and freedom is their best friend…and their worst nightmare. 

They say there’s no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners.

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-4 in stock to get you current!

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Wonder Woman Black & Gold #1 kicks off this week, serving up a new anthology series spotlighting all-star creators on Wonder Woman!

Just in time for Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary, DC Comics proudly presents a new anthology series starring the Amazon Princess embellished in the the color of her famous lasso. You won’t want to miss this thrilling series celebrating the woman who inspires us all…and that’s the truth!

Kicking things off, John Arcudi (B.P.R.D.) and Ryan Sook (Legion of Super-Heroes) reunite to show us the grace immortality grants a hero. Becky Cloonan (Wonder Woman) weaves a spine-tingling tale of Diana’s most precious weapon against the darkness.

Then Amy Reeder (Amethyst) takes us back to the Golden Age for a fun romp co-starring Etta Candy. AJ Mendez and Ming Doyle (Constantine: The Hellblazer) travel to Themyscira for a tense family reunion. And finally, Nadia Shammas and Morgan Beem (Swamp Thing: Twin Branches) show us a story of Diana’s past failures coming back to haunt her.

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GOOD LUCK #1 serves up a must-read new fantasy / sci-fi series from BOOM STUDIOS!

What if Luck was quantifiable, and something everyone was born with?

Everyone, except the Unfortunates – teenagers born with absolutely zero luck. Now with the world mysteriously plunged into chaos and reality itself threatened, they will be our only hope to save the world. 

Our last hope is those with no chance of success… the only thing anyone can wish them is Good Luck.

A bold new original series for fans of Seven Secrets and Runaways from Matthew Erman (Long Lost, Power Rangers: Sins of the Future) and Stefano Simeone (Mega Man: Fully Charged) about defying fate against impossible odds.

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Gamma Flight had one job: Find and stop the Hulk. But when push came to smash, they sided with the Green Goliath-and the human world intends to make them regret it.

Puck, Absorbing Man, Titania, Doc Sasquatch, Dr. Charlene McGowan and a horribly changed Rick Jones are fugitives from every known authority-but a team that full of gamma is bound to break before long.

Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier and Lan Medina mastermind a whole new world of gamma!

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DUNE: HOUSE ATREIDES delivers the must-read new DUNE comic series in graphic novel this Wednesday!


* Welcome to the far future on the desert planet Arrakis where Pardot Kynes seeks its secrets. Meanwhile, a violent coup is planned by the son of Emperor Elrood; an eight-year-old slave Duncan Idaho seeks to escape his cruel masters; and a young man named Leto Atreides begins a fateful journey.

* These unlikely souls will come together as renegades and soon discover that fate has decreed they will change the very shape of history.

* Collects Dune: House Atreides #1-4.

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