This Week’s Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 11/11/20

Published November 8th, 2020

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PUNCHLINE gets the spotlight in the PUNCHLINE SPECIAL #1 one-shot this Wednesday!

Spinning out of the pages of “The Joker War” comes the first solo book starring the blockbuster new character Punchline.

As she faces the consequences for her role in “The Joker War,” the story of how Alexis Kaye became Punchline will take Leslie Thompkins, Harper Row, and Cullen Row on a harrowing journey that reveals a fringe teenager’s radicalization to the ideology of a madman.

It’s a terrifying tale so big it demanded an oversize special issue!

Make sure to collect all the PUNCHLINE covers this week at Third Eye!

There’s some killer covers on this one-shot, and one of our favorites, is the Cover B from comics legend FRANK CHO!

Click here to check out all the PUNCHLINE covers, and pre-order for in-store pick up or mail order!

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POWER RANGERS #1 kicks off an all new POWER RANGERS series companion to MIGHTY MORPHIN!

Superstar writer Ryan Parrott (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and fan favorite artist Francesco Mortarino (Go Go Power Rangers) reveal a new cosmic threat that only the original Power Rangers, now known as the Omega Rangers – Jason, Trini and Zack – can hope to defeat!

But their secret weapon is… the villainous Lord Drakkon?!

Zordon forbids the Omega Rangers from contacting Drakkon, so if they want to save the universe then they’ll have to go rogue – and go up against their Mighty Morphin allies.

The next big Power Rangers epic begins here, perfect for longtime fans and new readers alike.

Wanna snag MIGHTY MORPHIN #1 as well? We’ve got copies in stock!

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X OF SWORDS continues in the pages of EXCALIBUR, MARAUDERS ,and WOLVERINE this week!!

We’re LOVING X OF SWORDS, and chapters 14,15,16 all drop this week in the pages of EXCALIBUR #14, WOLVERINE #7, and MARAUDERS #15!

Wanna get the full scoop on X OF SWORDS? Click here for our THIRD EYE GUIDE TO X OF SWORDS!

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DEATH METAL: INFINITE HOURS EXXXTREME one-shot delivers another crucial tie-in to DEATH METAL!

DEATH METAL has been so damn good, and the tie-ins have all been incredible additions to the story!

This week: things take a turn to a part of the Multiverse we’ve always loved: the realm of ’90s madness!

Pull up a chair, ya bastiches—it’s time for Uncle Lobo’s Infinite Hour! It’s your chance to let the Main Man Lobo-tomize you with familiar yet freaky stories of the DC Universe, exactly as he remembers them: with blood and guts and exxxtreme gratuitous violence! 


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TASKMASTER #1 brings one of our favorite bad guys center-stage!

We’ve always loved TASKMASTER, and when we saw he’d be getting his own miniseries, we knew we had to shout it out!


Or at least that’s what the whole world thinks.

Now the greatest spies in the business are hunting him down and won’t stop until Taskmaster is dead or clears his own name!

Follow JED MACKAY (BLACK CAT) and ALESSANDRO VITTI (SECRET WARRIORS) on a globe?spanning adventure that will send ripples through every corner of the Marvel Universe?s espionage community!

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Comics classic Y: THE LAST MAN arrives in compendium format, and it’s a must-have! From the writer of SAGA!

One of the best comics of the last 30 years has gotta be Y: THE LAST MAN, and we attribute a ton of the incredible genre-defying reads that’ve come out in the 2010s to the early work that Y did paving that road!

Yorick is just an average guy. He loves his girlfriend, Beth, and his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand. He’s figuring out his life, just like everyone else…until every living being with a Y chromosome suddenly dies in a mysterious pandemic. Everyone except Yorick.

Now Yorick and Ampersand must navigate the postapocalyptic world they’ve been left…a world where men are rare…maybe even rare enough to make Yorick a trophy to be hunted. Yorick will travel the world in search of his lost love and the answer to why he’s the last man on Earth.

Collects the first 31 issues of the Eisner Award-winning Y: The Last Man in one compendium volume!