This Week’s Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 10/14/20

Published October 11th, 2020

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DEATH METAL #4 delivers an epic mid-way point for the incredible DC Comics series!

DEATH METAL has been one of the most incredible DC Comics releases we’ve seen to come down the pipeline in a hot minute, and we’re loving every second of what could go down in comics history as one of the most important moments in the DC Universe since CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

In this weeks DEATH METAL #4, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman are trapped in nightmare worlds within the Dark Multiverse!

They’ll need to face down their fiercest foes once again if they hope to accomplish their mission and bring back a power capable of stopping the Darkest Knight.

But what horrors has he unleased on Earth while they’ve been locked away?!

Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 1-3 in stock to get you current!

Get the full scoop on DEATH METAL with our THIRD EYE GUIDE here

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X OF SWORDS continues this week with CHAPTERS 6,7 and 8 in HELLIONS, NEW MUTANTS, and CABLE!

Every single second of X OF SWORDS has been awesome so far, and we’re so pumped to see where the series is taking us this week as we dive into Chapters 6, 7, and 8.

First, in Chapter 6 (HELLIONS #5), it’s all about: Desperation. Help from unexpected places. An advance into the unknown.

And, then in Chapter 7 (NEW MUTANTS #13), Diligence. Discipline. A sword of the self.

Finally, in Chapter 8 (CABLE #5), A hand held aloft. A mystery in the stars. An ace up the sleeve.

Sounds cryptic? It’s because the surprises in this one are worth the price of admission alone, and we’re not kidding: this book has some crazy twists and turns.

Wanna get the full scoop on X OF SWORDS? Click here for our THIRD EYE GUIDE TO X OF SWORDS

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SUPERSTAR TOM KING (VISION, MISTER MIRACLE, STRANGE ADVENTURES, BATMAN) delivers one of the best ventures into the WATCHMEN universe yet in RORSCHACH #1 this Wednesday!

It’s been 35 years since Ozymandias dropped a giant interdimensional squid on New York City, killing thousands and destroying the public’s trust in heroes once and for all. And since that time, one figure in a fedora, mask, and trenchcoat has become a divisive culture icon.

So what does it mean when Rorschach reappears as an assassin trying to kill a candidate running against President Robert Redford? Who is the man behind the mask, and why is he acting this way? It’s up to one detective to uncover the true identity of this would-be killer—and it will take him into a web of conspiracies involving alien invasions, disgraced do-gooders, mystic visions, and yes, comic books.

Writer Tom King joins forces with artist Jorge Fornés for a new miniseries that explores the mythic qualities of one of the most compelling characters from the bestselling graphic novel of all time, Watchmen.

If anyone could bring life to the world of WATCHMEN in a way that was fresh and innovative while also true to Moore’s original vision — it’s Tom King! Snag yours this new comic day!

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COMMANDERS IN CRISIS #1 brings back the glory days of IMAGE super-teams ala WILDCATS, GEN 13 and YOUNGBLOOD in an incredible, smart, new superhero universe! Get ready for the freshest IMAGE superhero book since INVINCIBLE!

The last survivors of the Multiverse live among us under new, superheroic identities, five survivors of doomed worlds…taking a second chance to ensure our world lives on.

A new twist on strange superhero comics, with a bleeding-edge eye on the modern moment, COMMANDERS IN CRISIS follows in the footsteps of Doom Patrol and Thunderbolts as five unexpected heroes come together to solve a murder unlike any other. The victim? Compassion itself…This is ideacide!

Remember the glory days of big superhero team books from IMAGE like WILDCATS, YOUNGBLOOD and GEN13? Get ready as a modern spin is thrown on the concept, and things kick off big in issue #1 of COMMANDERS IN CRISIS!

Get the COMMANDERS IN CRISIS #1 Third Eye Comics variant while supplies last! Limited to 500 copies worldwide, featuring MERCY artist MIRKA ANDOLFO!

We loved this book so much that we put together a special THIRD EYE COMICS exclusive cover of issue #1 by superstar MIRKA ANDOLFO (MERCY, UNNATURAL)!

Snag your copy by clicking here for in-store pick up at all locations, or $5 flat rate shipping

Collect all the covers for COMMANDERS IN CRISIS #1 (including the killer PEACH MOMOKO one!!) with our THIRD EYE BUNDLES!

In true ’90s IMAGE fashion, this book has A LOT of great covers, from some of the biggest names in comics today, and we wanted to help make it possible for you to score ’em all!

Click here to check out the assorted cover bundle specials we’ve put together to help you get all the COMMANDERS IN CRISIS covers and save a few bucks in the process!

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WARHAMMER 40K comes to the MARVEL UNIVERSE in the new WH40K: Marneus Calgar #1 this Wednesday!

Holy crap – we’re stoked on this one!

You probably already guessed, but we’re all big WH nerds at Third Eye, and when we saw there was a WH40K comic on the way — we just about lost our minds!

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war…The saga of WARHAMMER 40,000 comes to Marvel Comics! MARNEUS CALGAR, the legendary Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, leads his elite Space Marines against humanity’s greatest threats in a galaxy engulfed in endless war. Kieron Gillen (UNCANNY X MEN, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY, The Wicked + The Divine) spearheads the initiative with this introductory miniseries, illustrated by Jacen Burrows (PUNISHER: SOVIET, MOON KNIGHT, Crossed)–and we’re just getting started!

Now, witness Marneus Calgar’s never-before-told origin story, from his beginnings on Nova Thulium, to his campaigns in the Black Crusades, and to the unfolding mystery of the BLACK ALTAR, as a deadly threat from his past reemerges to threaten the present of the Ultramar system.

This all-new tale is essential reading for 40K aficionados, as well as the perfect primer to the world of WARHAMMER 40,000 for those new to the universe.

See the Ultramarines in glorious combat, the strife between the worlds of the Imperium, and witness the larger than life characters who preside over it all! This is but the first foray into the larger darkness that is to come from Warhammer and Marvel Comics. Be prepared.

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The world of the DYNAMITE characters comes together in a big way with DIENAMITE, kicking off this Wednesday, and we are so stoked about it!

In the shadowed alleys of 1930s Chicago, GREEN HORNET and KATO hunt the nefarious criminal element plaguing their city. They soon discover a mysterious danger that threatens Earth itself! Meanwhile, VAMPIRELLA hurtles through space on a Drakulon ship, desperate to uncover a dark mystery…

DIE!NAMITE is an event series that unites all of the hit Dynamite characters as you’ve never seen them before! They will come together to battle the biggest threat they have ever faced. Many…are even missing faces!

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TRUE LIVES OF THE FABULOUS KILLJOYS: NATIONAL ANTHEM #1 drops this Wednesday, bringing the return of UMBRELLA ACADEMY creator GERARD WAY’S killer series!

After the Analog Wars, the Killjoys lost their way-and their memories. A rat chews through Mike Milligram’s TV cord, and reality unravels. But when his Ramones records disappear, Mike remembers what the fabulous Killjoys and some toy rayguns can do.

Gerard Way and Shaun Simon take it all back to their original concept, rebooting the Killjoys in present-day America, where it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what Mom and Dad just tell you to keep you calm.

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50 kicks off SPIDER-MAN: LAST RITES, as the RETURN OF THE GREEN GOBLIN & more continues in the biggest Spidey story since SPIDER-VERSE!

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN reaches another landmark and we’re celebrating Spider-Style!

Spider-Man just took the beating of his life and we’re just getting started.

Artist Patrick Gleason is back on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ushering in the saga that is “LAST REMAINS”!

Kindred is stepping out on stage for the first time and Spider-Man is not ready for the havoc that Kindred is going to let loose.

Jump on fresh with ASM #49, and get ready for one of the biggest storylines to hit SPIDER-MAN since SPIDER-VERSE!

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CAPTAIN MARVEL #22 kicks off a brand new arc for CAROL DANVERS this NEW COMIC WEDNESDAY!

New York City is under attack—but this time, Captain Marvel can’t save them. Stolen away to a far future, Carol Danvers faces a threat unlike any she’s known. Brand-new villains and heroes, a cast both familiar and strange and the big action you’ve come to expect from the architects of the hit “Last Avenger”—don’t miss the start of Kelly Thompson and Lee Garbett’s newest and biggest story yet!

Jump on fresh with this issue!

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16th century Japan. The fates of warlords ebb and flow like tides of blood, none more than the Aragami Clan who follow their lord clad in the ‘Red Devil’ mask into every battle.

But when Lord Aragami succumbs to illness, his daughter, the fierce Ketsuko, hatches a plot to save her people, no matter the cost…

Years later, as Ketsuko wanders the heaving battlefields of her ruined homeland, she discovers a chance to avenge the terrible wrong done to her clan, even if it means stepping back onto a road steeped in slaughter.

From writer Sebastin Girner (Shirtless Bear-Fighter!, Scales & Scoundrels) and artist John Bivens (Creature Feature, Spread) comes a blood-drenched love letter to Samurai fiction in a chilling tale of guilt, trauma, and vengeance.

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One of the most sought after covers this week, we’re sure, is going to be this incredible PEACH MOMOKO variant of NEW MUTANTS #13, featuring EMMA FROST!

Make sure you snag yours for cover price this week at Third Eye!