Milk Wars Signing FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Our Signing with Gerard Way & Steve Orlando

Published January 14th, 2018

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Hey Third Eye Faithful, we know that there’s a TON of you who are extra-stoked about our upcoming MILK WARS signing with GERARD WAY (UMBRELLA ACADEMY, DOOM PATROL) and STEVE ORLANDO (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, SUPERGIRL), and as this is one of the bigger signings in Third Eye history – we wanted take a moment to give you the full rundown of what to expect so that everyone has a chance to meet Steve & Gerard, and get their MILK WARS signed!
If you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at, and we’ll be happy to help you out!
Without further adieu.. here’s the official FAQ for our signing with Steve & Gerard!

1. What time do I need to be in line by? 11AM Saturday morning. While we originally anticipated being able to cap the line a little later – the excitement surrounding Gerard & Steve’s visit is so big that to ensure we’re able to get everyone through the line – we’ll be capping the line at 11AM when doors open.
If you have your heart set on meeting Steve & Gerard, please be in line by 11AM Saturday morning.
Everyone who is in line by 11AM will be given a wristband – and then, will have their wristband marked after they go through the line to marked that they went through. You must have a wristband to be in line for the signing.Β 

2. I have a Priority Admission badge (from the VIP MILK WARS Bundle)? How does that work?If you were one of the extra-lucky 75 who pre-ordered the entire MILK WARS series, and got a priority admission badge – then you’ll be put into a separate line that is let in ahead of the general admission line.
Please note – your place in the priority admission line is still based upon when you get there, so if you’re looking to be in the front of the line, you’ll need to still get here early; but all 75 badge holders will be guaranteed to be let in ahead of general admission – which puts you at the very start of the signing.
If you are a priority badge holder, you should have already received a special print-out with your badge that has full details about how things like how many items you can get signed, and more.
If you have misplaced that print-out, please e-mail us at, and we’ll re-send to you. πŸ™‚

3. What time can we line up? You may start lining up anytime after 6PM on Friday 2/23/18.

4. Where do we line up? We’ll have an area marked off on Friday 2/23 that designates the start of the line. Our store has a front parking lot, and a back parking lot. The area will begin at the entrance to the back parking lot, and run parallel Β along the building (you’ll see a roped off area, along with members of Team Third Eye waiting for you — with goodies :D)!

5. So camping out overnight is cool? Yes, but please be aware: at 10PM, Team Third Eye does turn in for the night, so if you’re camping out – please make sure you’re OK with braving all that comes with it (it’s gonna be February, so dress warm!). Tents are totally allowed (and encouraged, we have tons of events where folks camp out and bring their tent).

6. What time do YOU suggest we start lining up? πŸ™‚ Honestly, if you get here Saturday (2/24) morning by say 7AM – you can probably avoid the cold, and still be at a decent spot in line. While camping out is a big part of the experience for events like these, the majority of folks begin showing up the morning of. While we can’t promise that this will get you a certain spot in line, we can say that most folks will probably begin showing up at 7AM.

7. Will you have access to bathrooms, and other amenities for the line? We will have portapotties set up in the rear parking lot. And while this kinda kills the surprise, it’s safe to say we’ll be passing out donuts, and coffee Saturday morning. πŸ™‚ We will also be a few fun surprises to help make the wait in line go by fast!

8. How many items can I get signed (GENERAL ADMISSION)? Total of 2 items per trip through the line.Β Limit of 1 items (either from home, or from the signing table), and then 1 item from the signing table.

9. Can I get my photo with Steve & Gerard? Unfortunately, due to the rare opportunity to make this signing happen, and the huge turnout it’ll have – we are unable to accommodate photos. πŸ™

10. Where can I purchase items for the signing? We’ll have several displays set up-instore on the way to where Gerard & Steve are signing, and, tons of items by both Gerard & Steve at the actual table.

11. Where do I pay for items I get from the signing table? Easy! πŸ™‚ To keep the lines moving fast, you can grab your item at the table, get it signed, and then one of Team Third Eye who’ll be stationed there, will direct you to the checkout area near the front to pay for your item.

12. Do you have an accessibility policy for this signing?

If you have concerns regarding accessibility, please e-mail us at for information on our accessibility policy and what we can do for you.

13. So, I don’t need to buy the item before I get it signed? No! We know your main concern is getting in that line, and getting your items signed and meeting the super-talented guests we’ve brought in – so we don’t want to slow that down! Just pinky-promise us you’ll make sure to pay for it after going through the line and getting it signed. πŸ™‚

14. Does it cost anything to get my items signed? No, just like any other Third Eye signing – there is no charge for the signing. The only thing we ask is to please pick up the MILK WARS comics, because a): they’re really great, and b) they’re the #1 reason why we’ve made this special event possible and we want you to find out why by reading them! πŸ™‚

15. Are priority admission VIP bundles sold out? Yes. πŸ™ But, to ensure everything runs on time, we are unable to make more available.

16. I’m going to be attending the event with a relative, but they’re not going to be getting anything signed – do you have something fun they can do while I wait in line? We totally do! πŸ™‚ We’re actually going to be hosting a special event right next door at our sister store, THIRD EYE GAMES, where we’ll have team members of Third Eye Games running board game demos in our game room for your guests!
So, if you’ve got a parent with you, and want to give them something fun to do — they can totally go hang out, and learn to play some of our favorite TableTop games!
They can also, of course, go hang out and have some free coffee on us in our game room, and read a book, or do whatever else they prefer. πŸ™‚
The doors for our event at Third Eye Games (and super comfy waiting area!) will open at 8AM on 2/24/18.

17. Parking – with a signing this big, any special notes on that? Yes πŸ™‚ So, we have a big front lot, and an even bigger back lot – however, with an event this big — we anticipate it to fill up.
If you’re coming to the signing, PLEASE head to the rear lot to park 1st. Not only is this where the line will be starting, and being managed (so you’re closer to your car in case you need to run to it to grab something), but it also helps us out a lot to fill the back lot first.
If the rear lot is full, then please park in the overflow lots we have set up special for this event.
We have an map that you can click here to view of where the overflow lot is. They’re only a short 1-2 block walk from our store, and both have been authorized by Third Eye with the owners of those lots as being SAFE AND A-OK to park in.
We doubt this will happen, but if the overflow lots fill, then across the main road our store is on is a public parking garage (in the plaza with Starbucks) – and you can park there, or use any of the plentiful street parking nearby.

One final note – there are a ton of friendly lots nearby, but please keep an eye out for any that have private parking signs posted (there’s a couple, but not too many) as we cannot guarantee those will not have issues with towing.
18. Anything else I should know? We know for a lot of folks, this will be their 1st signing at Third Eye.
Our golden rule is be cool to each other. You’ll meet other first-timers, along with folks who’ve been to a ton of signings.
Make friends, as that helps a ton if you need someone to watch your spot if you have to run to the restroom, and plus, it helps pass the time faster!
Please be friendly, and respectful of your fellow attendees, and follow these quick rules:
a. No smoking in line.
b. Our team will be walking the line periodically with trash cans, please hang onto any trash for them.
c. If you need anything – please ask a team member as we’ll have several walking the line before doors open; we’re not a giant corporation at Third Eye, but instead a small and passionate team of folks who just plain love comics. Sometimes with big events like this, it can get crazy, but we’re here to help, and if you grab one of our team members – they’ll do everything in their power to make sure you’re good to go.
d. No foul or hateful language in line. This goes back to the golden rule, but seriously: please keep in mind that we have fans of all ages at our events, and want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

19. OK, OK – this is a lot of info? Is that everything? Just one more quick thing – you must have a wristband to go through the signing line, so please be in line by 11AM ( we recommend not getting in line any later then 10:30AM, but 11AM is the cutoff ).