SAT 11/19/16: Local Comic Shop Day 2016


Click here for event info on FACEBOOK for Third Eye Annapolis’s Local Comic Shop Day Festivities

Click here for event info on FACEBOOK for Third Eye Lexington Park’s Local Comic Shop Day Festivities (coming soon)

Third Eye Faithful: we’re coming up on what is quickly becoming one of our favorite events of the year: LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY!

A one day special extravaganza where we invite you to join us in celebrating everything that makes the idea of the comic shop so darn great.

And, we’d be absolutely flattered if you’d come and join your Third Eye family for some Local Comic Shop Day fun!


Local Comic Shop Day is a nationwide celebration of what makes the idea of having a local comic shop in your neighborhood so darn great! Every year, the publishers pool their efforts as hundreds of independently owned comic book stores across the world unite to celebrate the unique impact that local comic shops have in their local communities and more!

It’s also a very special day to score some very limited releases that are ONLY available on LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY! These are special items produced exclusively for Local Comic Shop Day, and we gotta say: the publishers really pulled out the stops for 2016!

Local Comic Shop Day Releases!


We’ll have TONS of limited edition, exclusive releases available in-store only on 11/19, and we’ve put together a gallery below to showcase just some of the great offerings available.

Please take note that LCSD Product is limited to stock on hand and available on a first come, first served basis. We are unable to take holds, phone or mail-orders.

Due to product allocations, some items may be extremely limited, and in the case of items that are one per store, we may raffle the item off free of charge, or determine another way to give everyone a fair chance to get their hands on it. Stay tuned to our Facebook page here for frequent updates on LCSD and more! 

Click here for a .PDF of our LCSD Product Checklist!

What else have we got going on for Local Comic Shop Day?

luckyThe Third Eye Lucky Bag Returns!

So, not only do we have all those sweet Local Comic Shop Day books available for you to purchase on 11/19/16, but we’ve also brought back the elusive THIRD EYE LUCKY BAG!

These are normally available only once a year at our huge Third Eye Throwdown Tent Sale, but we figured: hey — this is a special enough occasion to bring them out and hook you up, Third Eye Faithful!

What is the Third Eye Lucky Bag? 20 random comics packed tight into a brown paper bag.. and they’re only $5.00 each.

Randomly inserted into select packs (not every pack has one of these!) are variant covers, and other sought after releases — but you gotta be lucky enough to get a pack with one of them in it!

And, in one of the lucky bags…. there’s a $50 gift card just waiting to be discovered!

Limit of 8 Lucky Bags per person.

1smallstarwarsThousands of select variants… just $5.00 each!

Another very special treat we’re bringing for you at Local Comic Shop Day is we’re breaking out our variant boxes… and, yeah, we’ve got A LOT of those — and guess what: they’re all going to be $5.00 each!

Annnnnnd, if you really want to score big, you can stuff a comic Stor-Folio with as many variants as you’re able to fit for $29.99.

We can’t guarantee what’s in the boxes (or that we still have the totally sweet Ross cover of STAR WARS #1 floating around in there still), but we can tell you this: over 20 long boxes of variants for just $5.00 each — you can’t go wrong!

First 25 In Line Receive a FREE custom Third Eye Stor-Folio to transport your comics!

There’s a TON of rad special edition comics hitting for LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY, and well, we wanna help you take ’em home. 🙂

The first 25 in line on LCSDay will get one of these special edition, limited run THIRD EYE x COMIC STOR-FOLIOS!

These are PERFECT for transporting your books — and, we produced JUST 25 of these special Third Eye editions for this event only!

Info for our Lexington Park store’s LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY festivities coming soon!