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Published October 19th, 2018

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Announcing the Third Eye Dive Chamber! Opening Saturday 10/20/18!

We are always listening to you about the things you’d love to see at Third Eye, and we never decide to bring something into the shop until we are absolutely positive we can do it in a way that measures up to that Third Eye level of quality you know and love.
Beginning this Saturday, we’re unveiling our newest feature at Third Eye Annapolis (and, don’t fear, Third Eye Richmond & Third Eye SOMD, we’re working on logistics to bring a version of this to you in the future!) — the Third Eye Dive Chamber!
That’s right: we’re opening up a brand new section of the store that is stocked with thousands upon thousands of comics.. and they’re all $1.00 each, every single day of the year.
On top of that, we’ve also included value-packs featuring classic and modern comic story arcs for $5 to $10 a piece, which give you one full story line per pack!
You may be wondering just what makes the Dive Chamber so darn special? Well, Third Eye Faithful: you know us. We love comics, we love shopping for comics, and we took our time thinking about what makes for the best dollar-bin diving experience, and here’s what we came up with:
  • ORGANIZED – Our $1.00 comics are organized alpha-numerically by title, and are clearly labeled, making filling out your wish lists or looking for that hidden gem even easier!
  • EASY TO BROWSE – We’ve put a lot of time into making sure that each box is stocked just right — so it’s easy for you to shift the books around, and flip through looking for your favorites.
  • FREQUENTLY RESTOCKED & MAINTAINED – With nearly 90 long boxes of $1.00 comics, we’ve got a special team of Third Eye commandos who dive in many times through the week to add more comics, and make sure the boxes stay neat and orderly, and fresh — so there’s always something new to find!
  • SELECTION – We’ve built our inventory of these books with care, so that you can dig through and find gems on the cheap from all eras.

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Join the Third Eye Dive Team & Keep Up To Date About New Additions to Both Our $1.00 Dive Chamber & Our much beloved Back Issues Section!

You know us, Third Eye Faithful, we like making things an experience, and we’ve put together a really cool way for you to add a little fun to your dollar-bin diving fun!
The Third Eye Dive Team is free to join, and open to all, but if you want to go one step further — and make sure you’re in the loop for when new books are added to not just our $1.00 comics section, but also our beloved classic comics back issue section (and yes, those hot key books as well!), then click here to check out our blog featuring how to stay in the loop!
You can keep up to date with the THIRD EYE DIVE TEAM by following the hashtag #thirdeyediveteam on INSTAGRAM, or keeping an eye on our Facebook at
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Get a limited edition Third Eye Dive Team T-Shirt!

We put together a really rad Third Eye shirt for all our early birds who hit the Dive Chamber this weekend.
If you purchase $30 or more of $1.00 comics from the Third Eye Dive Chamber, we’ll hook you up with one of these nifty Third Eye Dive Team t-shirts… FREE!
Whatever is left after Saturday, we’ll make available for purchase — but we have a feeling these will go fast!

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Third Eye Sunken Treasure

We know part of the thrill of dollar bin diving is finding those hidden gems, and we’ve put together a fun way to help you show off your finds!
Tag @thirdeyecomics on Instagram & use the hashtags #buythirdeyeordie #thirdeyediveteam to show us your favorite finds.
Once a week, we’ll be entering all of you who participate into a special prize drawing to win a hand-picked by Team Third Eye variant or wall book!

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