Introducing the Third Eye Fun Club – Sign Up In Store Starting Wed 1/2/19!

Published December 31st, 2018

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What is the Third Eye Fun Club? We’re unveiling it this Wednesday — and if you’re in the 1st 15 in line at open; you can get a 1 year subscription FREE!
And, for everyone on Wednesday 1/2/19 – you can sign up in-store, and get ahead of the curve, as we won’t be opening sign-ups via the website until 1/16/19! Stay tuned for more info on how to sign up soon!
So, what is it? When subscription boxes were all the rage, we had so many folks ask us to do a Third Eye Box — but, we just couldn’t figure out how to do it in a way that was special.
After a lot of thought, and at the risk of being a little late to the party — we came up with something we thought embodied what Third Eye is all about with the Third Eye Fun Club.
This isn’t just an impersonal mystery box mailed out with the same random stuff in it — this is something as personal as the service we give in our shops; thoughtfully curated based on what we think YOU, Third Eye Faithful, might really enjoy checking out.
On top of that, the Third Eye Fun Club is more than just a monthly mystery bag — it also gives you a ton of extra perks that come with membership, so let’s go over the whole shebang, right?
First, the Third Eye StokeBag — this is one mystery bag, packed with:
  • 1 hand-picked graphic novel
  • 2 hand-picked comics
  • 1 hand-picked toy
  • Special limited time coupons
  • Assorted fun swag
  • And, sometimes, we may randomly include exclusive limited edition Third Eye stickers, pins, and more.
Secondly, the Third Eye Fun Club membership gets you access to our upcoming new Third Eye Faithful Facebook Group, where not only can you connect with fellow Third Eye Faithful and talk comics, but you can also interact with all of us here at Team Third Eye, and get behind-the-scene glimpses at the day-to-day of the shop, as well as sneak peeks of awesome new stuff to come for the stores!
Third, Reserved Seating at the Third Eye Book Club (Annapolis only), which launches in February! Always have a guaranteed seat at our revamped new Third Eye Book Club, hosted by our fearless leader, Third Eye Steve!
Finally, all Third Eye Fun Club members have access to special VIP invites to limited attendance events, like Q&As with comic creator guests, photo ops with special guests, and event preview nights!
Now, you’re probably wondering: how much does the Third Eye Fun Club cost? Well, you can sign up for a monthly membership for just $9.99 — which, as you know, most trade paperbacks are normally $9.99 or more, so you’re already making out like a bandit every month with that!
Wanna go all in, and save a few bucks in the process? For $99.99, you can pre-pay an entire year of membership, and ensure you never miss out on a StokeBag!
You can sign-up at the counter at any Third Eye location beginning this Wednesday at 11AM.
If you’re one of the 1st 15 folks in line — your first year of membership is FREE!!!
I think this absolutely deserves a major BUY THIRD EYE OR DIE, Third Eye Faithful. 🙂