The Third Eye Guide to the Hellfire Gala

Published May 19th, 2021

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THE HELLFIRE GALA delivers the next big saga for the X-MEN world that Hickman has been building since HOUSE OF X!

This Summer, following hot on the heels of the recently concluded X OF SWORDS, Marvel is serving up a major event with the HELLFIRE GALA, and it’s looking to be one of the coolest things they’ve done with the X-MEN yet!

Kicking off in HELLIONS #12, and then continuing into the pages of MARAUDERS #21, X-FORCE #20, EXCALIBUR #21, X-MEN #21, NEW MUTANTS 319, X-CORP #2, S.W.O.R.D #6, WAY OF X #3, WOLVERINE #13, and X-FACTOR #10!

The entire crossover will be spanning June and July, and then concluding with some of the biggest revelations to hit the world of X-Men in PLANET-SIZED X-MEN #1, which is rumored to have an importance equivalent to the now legendary GIANT-SIZE X-MEN that introduced the most memorable line-up of X-MEN we’ve ever seen!

What is the HELLFIRE GALA and why is it so darn important to the future of the X-MEN?

While there’ll be plenty of slaying on the green carpet, there’s some pretty major twist, turns, and more that are going to leave a mark on mutantkind like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

This is a pivotal storyline that sets up a status quo for the X-MEN continuing what Jonathan Hickman began with HOUSE OF X, and introducing a ton of exciting new elements that will come to full bloom in the pages of PLANET-SIZED X-MEN.

And, on top of all that, this event really plays to the strengths of the X-MEN, and what we love about a good X-MEN story. While there’s tons of action, and cool heroes and villains, there’s also the classic soap opera storytelling and world-building that makes Marvel’s mutants so much fun.

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