Third Eye Spotlight: Funko Soda!

Published July 14th, 2021

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Hey, Third Eye Faithful! You know that we get some of the coolest collectibles and we’d like to spotlight some of our favorites for you! This time around, we’re focusing on Funko sodas! Funko makes some of the most fun collectibles out there right now, we know how much people love to collect POPs, and these Funko Sodas are the perfect addition to your desktop collectibles collection!

What are Funko Sodas and what’s so cool about them?

You may be a little disappointed to hear that there’s not actually soda inside those cool cans (but how cool would an actual Funko soda be?) but instead, they’re filled with palm-sized figures of your favorite characters. Inside each of these toys, you’ll find a limited edition vinyl figure and a collectible disc. Funko Sodas are limited edition collectibles that are fun to collect and come with a chase – a 1-in-6 chance you’ll pull a surprise special variant of the original figure!

What kind of figures can you expect inside the can?

Funko Sodas come in all sorts of characters, from our old school cartoon favorites like Mighty Mouse and the Energizer Bunny, to modern day hits like John Wick and Shang-Chi. Whether you’re looking for cartoons, musicians, superheroes, or anything in between, there’s likely a Funko Soda out there for you. But remember – these refreshing friends are limited editions and they go quickly. Make sure you keep your eyes on your our weekly new toys blog to see if any of your favorite characters have been soda-ized!

There’s a chance for a special chase!

If you’re a POP collector, you know that chases are pretty highly coveted, well, that hasn’t changed when it comes to the Funko Sodas! While chases are rare variants (just a 1-in-6 chance of snagging one!) it’s always a killer surprise when you pull one of them out of the can! Chases are fun surprises in these limited edition collectibles that will make you want to crack open a few cans to see if you got a lucky one!