FRIDAY 12/15/17: T.G.I.J.D: Thank God It’s Jedi Day at Third Eye

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Hey Third Eye Faithful, you know us: WE LOOOOOOVE STAR WARS, and when we’re given a chance to celebrate our love of ALL things STAR WARS, you know we gotta take it!

We’ve put together a totally killer day to help you celebrate the amazing looking EPISODE VIII – THE LAST JEDI!



First off: just ’cause it’s STAR WARS DAY, if you come by and see us, we’ll give you a FREE Star Wars comic.. just for stopping by!

We’ll have at one of pre-selected STAR WARS comics from Marvel’s STAR WARS series set aside to HOOK YOU UP!




Untitled 12Save 15% OFF on ALL Star Wars Merchandise!


You KNOW Third Eye has a TON of cool STAR AWRS stuff… and, because it IS Star Wars Day, we’ll be offering 15% off on all STAR WARS merchandise on 12/15/17!





Come in STAR WARS Cosplay & Get a Third Eye JEDI PACK!

So, got a suit of STORMTROOPER armor chilling in your closet? Maybe you want to try your hand at some Leia hairbuns?

Either way, if you show up in STAR WARS COSPLAY, we’ll hook you up with a special Third Eye Jedi Pack featuring a couple of rad STAR WARS comics, and a couple of neat surprises!