FRI 10/5/18: T.G.I.V.D – Thank God It's Venom Day

Published September 30th, 2018

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Celebrate the VENOM movie with us on 10/5/18 at all Third Eye locations!

OK, so first off: we’re totally doing something awesome to kick off our VENOM weekend at Third Eye, and we’re pumped to have you join us, Third Eye Faithful!
We’ll be hosting T.G.I.V.D — Thank God It’s VENOM Day – at all of our storefronts this Friday, and are going to be giving YOU a free VENOM comic, and more to pre-game (or post-game, if you’re like us and catch those early shows!) seeing the new flick!
Click here for FACEBOOK info for Annapolis, here for RVA, and here for SoMD.
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Wanna get into VENOM? Visit us at Third Eye & get hand-picked VENOM recommendations!

We know you’re probably itching to get into some killer VENOM storylines — past, present, and future — and we wanna help make it happen!
We’ve put together a list down below of some of our favorites, but that’s just a few — INSTEAD, you should most definitely come to see us at any one of our stores this week, and we’ll help you get your VENOM fix!
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Get a FREE VENOM comic with purchase of ANY Venom graphic novel, toy or statue this Friday on T.G.I.V.D

In addition to all the awesome, we’re going to be giving out a FREE Venom comic to you when you snag any VENOM graphic novel, toy or statue!
And, while supplies last (and don’t worry – we got a good amount!), it’ll be a 1st printing of the red hot VENOM #1, by DONNY CATES and RYAN STEGMAN, which delves deep into the alien mythology of the VENOM symbiote — and it’s relationship to the recently returned EDDIE BROCK!
This is, by far, THE best Venom in nearly a decade, and we’re gonna help you start it… FREE!
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VENOM LETHAL PROTECTOR TP – THE book to read before seeing the movie – a major influence on the direction of the film!

VENOM By RICK REMENDER TP – The best VENOM run since the DONNY CATES stuff happening now. Perfect for those of you looking to catch up with the symbiote in the modern day!

VENOM: DARK ORIGIN TP – Looking for a modern spin on Venom’s origins, and a perfect place to recap the history of the character? This is it!

VENOM: PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES TP – The current run of VENOM has been diving deep into the alien origins of the Symbiote, and all of the lore that’s given way to that first came to be here!

SPIDER-MAN: MAXIMUM CARNAGE TP – OK, so we haven’t seen the flick yet.. and we can’t say for sure whether Carnage is in there or not – but chances are pretty good he is. SO: here it is, the grandaddy of ’em all when it comes to Carnage stories: MAXIMUM CARNAGE!